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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 236 -JUNE 23, 1949 60 Stat. 170. 49U.S.C.§§1101- 1119; Supp. II, § 1101 et seq. Pot, pp. 478, 480, 603, 605,903,925. "Federal-aid airport program, Federal Airport Act" (increase of $197,000 in the amount for planning, research, and admin- istrative expenses, to be charged against funds heretofore appro- priated under this head for projects in Alaska); Civil Aeronautics Board: "Civil Aeronautics Board, salaries and expenses", $187,000; Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce: "Departmental salaries and expenses", $125,000; Patent Office: "Salaries and expenses", $440,000, and $150,000 to be derived by transfer from "Printing and binding", Patent Office; National Bureau of Standards: "Operation and administration", $25,000 to be derived by transfer from "Pay, commissioned officers", Coast and Geodetic Survey; "Research and testing", $218,000; "Radio propagation and standards", $50,000; DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Office of the Secretary: "Salaries, Office of the Secretary", $86,000; "Salaries, Office of Solicitor", $16,600 to be derived by transfer from "Salaries and expenses, Oil and Gas Division"; "Salaries and expenses, Division of Territories and Island Possessions", $10,500; "Commission of Fine Arts", $645; Bureau of Land Management: "Salaries and expenses", $76,500; "Management, protection, and disposal of public lands, $190,000; "Revested Oregon & California Railroad and reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, Oregon", $21,500; Bureau of Indian Affairs: "Salaries and expenses, general administration", $50,500; "Salaries and expenses, district offices", $10,725; "Salaries and expenses, reservation administration", $202,800; "Maintaining law and order among Indians", $16,000; "Alaska native service", $282,000; "Purchase and transportation of Indian supplies", $6,900; "Maintenance of buildings and utilities", $10,650; "Education of Indians", $(96,000; "Conservation of health", $494,800; "Management, Indian forest and range resources", $79,800; "Agriculture and stock raising", $56,100; "Development of Indian arts and crafts", $1,500; "Administration of Indian tribal affairs" (from tribal funds, $20,000); "Support of the Osage Agency" (from tribal funds, $17,200); "Support of Indian schools" (from tribal funds, $13,202); Bureau of Reclamation: Reclamation fund, special fund: Operation and maintenance: "Parker Dam power project", $16,700 from power and other revenues; "Yuma project, Arizona-California", $10,000; "Central Valley project, California", $4,884, and $42,536 from power revenues; "Boise project, Idaho", $10,000; "Minidoka project, Idaho", $686, and $6,654 from power revenues; 258 [63 STAT.