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63 STAT.] 81ST CONG. , 1ST SESS.-CH. 288-JUNE 30, 1949 (g) The term "surplus property" means any excess property not required for the needs and the discharge of the responsibilities of all Federal agencies, as determined by the Administrator. (h) The term "care and handling" includes completing, repairing, converting, rehabilitating, operating, preserving, protecting, insuring, packing, storing, handling, conserving, and transporting excess and surplus property, and, in the case of property which is dangerous to public health or safety, destroying or rendering innocuous such property. (i) The term "person" includes any corporation, partnership, firm, association, trust, estate, or other entity. (j) The term "nonpersonal services" means such contractual serv- ices, other than personal and professional services, as the Adminis- trator shall designate. (k) The term "contractor inventory" means (1) any property acquired by and in the possession of a contractor or subcontractor under a contract pursuant to the terms of which title is vested in the Government, and in excess of the amounts needed to complete full performance under the entire contract; and (2) any property which the Government is obligated to take over under any type of contract as a result either of any changes in the specifications or plans there- under or of the termination of such contract (or subcontract there- under), prior to completion of the work, for the convenience or at the option of the Government. TITLE I-ORGANIZATION GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SEC. 101. (a) There is hereby established an agency in the execu- tive branch of the Government which shall be known as the General Services Administration. (b) There shall be at the head of the General Services Administra- tion an Administrator of General Services who shall be appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, and perform his functions subject to the direction and control of the President. (c) There shall be in the General Services Administration a Deputy Administrator of General Services who shall be appointed by the Administrator of General Services. The Deputy Administrator shall perform such functions as the Administrator shall designate and shall be Acting Administrator of General Services during the absence or disability of the Administrator and, unless the President shall desig- nate another officer of the Government, in the event of a vacancy m the office of Administrator. (d) Pending the first appointment of the Administrator under the provisions of this section, his functions shall be performed temporarily by such officer of the Government in office upon or immediately prior to the taking of effect of the provisions of this Act as the President shall designate, and such officer while so serving shall receive the salary fixed for the Administrator. (e) Pending the effective date of other provisions of law fixing the rates of compensation of the Administrator, the Deputy Administra- tor and of the heads and assistant heads of the principal organizational units of the General Services Administration, and taking into consid- eration provisions of law governing the compensation of officers hav- ing comparable responsibilities and duties, the President shall fix for each of them a rate of compensation which he shall deem to be com- mensurate with the responsibilities and duties of the respective offices involved. 379 " Surplus property." "Care and han- dling. " "Person." "Nonpersonal serv- ices. " "Contractor inven- tory." Administrator. Deputy Adminis- trator. Temporary admin- istrator. Compensation.