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538 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 393-AUG. 4, 1949 [63 STAT. man, or, upon request, to a school, patriotic order, or society of which the deceased officer or enlisted man was a member. § 507. Disposition of effects of decedents All moneys, articles of value, papers, keepsakes, and other similar effects belonging to deceased persons in the Coast Guard, not claimed by their legal heirs or next of kin, shall be deposited in safe custody, and if any such moneys, articles of value, papers, keepsakes, or other similar effects so deposited have been, or shall hereafter be, unclaimed for a period of two years from the date of the death of such person, such articles and effects shall be sold and the proceeds thereof, together with the moneys above mentioned, shall be deposited in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. The Secretary shall make diligent inquiry in every instance after the death of such person to ascertain the where- abouts of his heirs or next of kin, and prescribe necessary regulations to carry out the foregoing provisions. Claims may be presented hereunder at any time within five years after such moneys or pro- ceeds have been so deposited in the Treasury, and, when supported by competent proof in any case after such deposit in the Treasury, shall be certified to Congress for consideration. CHAPTER 15-DISCIPLINE AND RELATED MATTERS Sec. 561. Commanding officer's punishments. 562. Deck courts: authority to convene; composition; punishments; effective date of sentence. 563. Summary courts-martial: authority to convene; composition; punishments; effective date of sentence. 564. General courts-martial: authority to convene; composition; punishments; effective date of sentence. 565. Public Health Service officers as court members. 566. Reviewing authorities. 567. Jurisdiction of offenses. 568. Limitations. 569. Trial by civil authorities; offenses against United States. 570. Designation of Federal prison. 571. Treasury and Navy Department jurisdiction. 572. Courts of inquiry: authority to convene; composition; subpoenas; proceed- ings as evidence. 573. Contempts of court. 574. Subpoenas; penalties. 575. Deserters: arrest of by civil authorities; penalties. 576. Prisoners: allowances to; transportation. § 561. Commanding officer's punishments No commanding officer shall inflict upon a commissioned or warrant officer under his command any other punishment than private repri- mand, suspension from duty, arrest, or confinement; and such sus- pension, arrest, or confinement shall not continue longer than ten days, unless a further period is necessary to bring the offender to trial; nor shall he inflict or cause to be inflicted upon any other person under his command for a single offense, or at any one time, any other punishment than one of the following punishments, namely: (a) reduction of any rating established by himself; (b) confinement, not exceeding ten days, unless further confine- ment be necessary in the case of a prisoner to be tried by a court- martial; (c) solitary confinement on bread and water not exceeding five days;