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63 STAT.1 81ST CONG., 1ST SESS.- CH. 393 -AUG. 4, 1949 § 566. Reviewing authorities (a) The officer ordering a court, and his immediate superior in command, if any, in the case of a summary court-martial, or his suc- cessor in office, may set aside the proceedings or remit or mitigate, in whole or in part, but not commute, the sentence of such court. (b) The Secretary of the Treasury may set aside the proceedings, or remit or mitigate in whole or in part, but not commute, the sentence imposed by any court convened by his order or by that of any officer. § 567. Jurisdiction of offenses The jurisdiction of Coast Guard courts shall extend to the following offenses, namely: absence after leave has expired; absence without leave; aiding or inducing others to desert; aiding the escape of a person under arrest; assaulting another person in the Coast Guard; breaking arrest; bribery; conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline; conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman; conspiracy; cruelty toward, or oppression or maltreatment of, a subordinate person in the Coast Guard; culpable inefficiency in the performance of duty; desertion; destroying or damaging public or private property; disobeying the lawful order of a superior officer; disorderly conduct; disrespect to a superior officer; drunkenness; embezzlement; endangering the lives of others through carelessness; extortion; failure to apprehend offenders; falsehood; false imprisonment; forgery; fraudulent enlistment; gambling; leaving station before being regularly relieved; making a false muster; making a mutiny; malingering; maltreatment of a person in the Coast Guard; manslaughter; misappropriating mess or welfare funds; misappropriating or applying to his own use property or money of the United States intended for the Coast Guard; neglect of duty; negligent handling of firearms; negligent operation of a vehicle; perjury; presenting, or causing to be presented, for approval or payment, a claim against the United States, knowing such claim to be false or fraudulent; receiving stolen property; resisting arrest; 541