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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 506-AUG. 24, 1949 60 Stat. 903. 60 Stat. 843; 62 Stat. 1008. 28 U. S. C., Supp. II, § 2672. Ante, pp. 62,106. Post, p. 947. Transfer of funds. Contract authority. Salary restriction. 42 Stat. 1488 . 5 U.S. . §§ 661-674; Supp. II, §662 et seq. Post, p. 972. Transfer of facilities at Arco, Idaho. Restriction on use of funds. Nonapplicability of limitations. "Construction proj- ect"; "budget." Reports. replacement only; purchase, maintenance, and operation of aircraft; printing and binding; health-service program as authorized by law (5 U. S. C . 150); publication and dissemination of atomic information; payment of claims pursuant to section 403 of the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U. S . C . 2672); purchase, repair, and cleaning of uniforms; purchase of newspapers and periodicals (not to exceed $8,000) and travel expenses; official entertainment expenses (not to exceed $5,000); and payment of obligations incurred under prior year contract author- izations; $702,930,769, together with the unexpended balances, as of June 30,1949, of prior year appropriations to the Atomic Energy Com- mission, of which amounts $100,000 may be expended for objects of a confidential nature and in any such case the certificate of the Commis- sion as to the amount of the expenditure and that it is deemed inadvis- able to specify the nature thereof shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have been expended; from which appropriation transfers of sums may be made to other agencies of the Government for the performance of the work for which this appro- priation is made, and in such cases the sums so transferred may be merged with the appropriation to which transferred; and in addition to the amount herein provided, the Commission is authorized to con- tract for the purposes of this appropriation during the current fiscal year in an amount not exceeding $387,189,628: Provided,That no part of this appropriation shall be used to pay the salary of any officer or employee (except such officers and employees whose compensation is fixed by law, and scientific and technical personnel) whose position would be subject to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, if such Act were applicable to such position, at a rate in excess of the rate payable under such Act for positions of equivalent difficulty or respon- sibility: Providedfurther, That not to exceed $2,700,000 of the amount herein appropriated may be transferred to the Department of the Navy for the acquisition, construction, and installation, at a location to be determined, of facilities (including necessary land and rights pertaining thereto) to replace existing Navy facilities at Arco, Idaho, which latter facilities are hereby authorized to be transferred by the Secretary of the Navy to the Commission for its purposes: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation or contract authorization shall be used- (A) to start any new construction project for which an estimate was not included in the budget for the current fiscal year; (B) to start any new construction project the currently esti- mated cost of which exceeds the estimated cost included therefor in such budget; or (C) to continue any community facility construction project whenever the currently estimated cost thereof exceeds the esti- mated cost included therefor in such budget; unless the Director of the Bureau of the Budget specifically approves the start of such construction project or its continuation and a detailed explanation thereof is submitted forthwith by the Director to the Appropriations Committees of the Senate and the House of Repre- sentatives and the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy; the limitations contained in this proviso shall not apply to any construction project the total estimated cost of which does not exceed $500,000; and, as used herein, the term "construction project" includes the purchase, alteration or improvement of buildings, and the term "budget" includes the detailed justification supporting the budget estimates: Provided further, That whenever the current estimate to complete any construction project (except community facilities) exceeds by 15 per centum the estimated cost included therefor in such budget or the estimated cost of a construction project covered by clause (A) of 634 [63 STAT.