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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Public Law 76 --- D . C. Revenue Act of 1949. AN ACT To provide additional revenue for the District of Columbia -------------------- 77 --- Abraham Lincoln National Historical Park, Ky. AN ACT To add to the Abraham Lincoln National Historical Park, Ken- tucky, certain land acquired by the United States for that purpose-------------------------------------------- 78 --- National Capital Sesquicentennial. JOINT RESOLUTION To authorize the National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission to proceed with plans for the celebration and commemoration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the establish- ment of the seat of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes--------------------- 79 --- Carson National Forest, N. Mex. AN ACT To include certain lands in the Carson National Forest, New Mexico, and for other purposes ---------------------------------- 80 --- Farm labor camps. AN ACT To provide a one year's extension of time for the disposition of farm labor camps to public or semipublic agencies or nonprofit associations of farmers- --- 81 --- Menominee Indian Reservation, Wis. AN ACT To amend the law relating to timber operations on the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin ------------------------------ 82 --- Arkansas River Compact. AN ACT To grant the consent of the United States to the Arkansas River compact------- 83 --- Yellowstone River, division of waters. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the States of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming to negotiate and enter into a compact or agree- ment for division of the waters of the Yellowstone River --- 84 --- U . S. Code, title 17, amendment. AN ACT To amend title 17 of the United States Code entitled "Copyrights", with respect to relaxation of provisions governing copyright of foreign works -------------------------------------------- 85 -- Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act amendment. AN ACT To amend the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act, and for other purposes ----------------------------- 86 --- El Paso, Tex. AN ACT For the relief of the city of El Paso, Texas--------------------------------------------- 87 --- St. Croix Island National Monument, Maine. AN ACT To authorize the establishment of the Saint Croix Island National Monument, in the State of Maine----------------------- 88 --- Marine Band. AN ACT To authorize the attendance of the United States Marine Band at the Fifty-ninth Annual Reunion of Confederate Veterans to be held in Little Rock, Arkansas, September 27 through September 29, 1949----------------- 89 --- Fishery facilities, Wash. AN ACT To authorize the exchange of certain fishery facilities within the State of Washington - - 90 --- Patrick Henry Week. JOINT RESOLUTION Authorizing the President to proclaim the week in which June 6, 1949, occurs as Patrick Henry Week in commemoration of the sesquicenten- nial anniversary of the death of Patrick Henry------------ 91 --- Pecos River Compact. AN ACT To grant the consent of Congress to the Pecos River compact---------------------------- 92 --- Travel Expense Act of 1949. AN ACT To regulate subsistence expenses and mileage allowances of civilian officers and em- ployees of the Government----------------------------- 93 --- Claims of prison employees. AN ACT To provide for the settle- ment of claims of persons employed in Federal penal and cor- rectional institutions for damage to or loss or destruction of personal property occurring incident to their service ------ 94 --- Santa Fe National Forest, N. Mex. AN ACT To protect scenic values along the tributary to Aspen Basin Road, and con- tiguous scenic area, within the Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico---------------------------------------- - 95 --- Agricultural Act of 1948, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Agricultural Act of 1948-------------------------------- 96 --- PhilippineScouts, officers. AN ACT To authorize the appoint- ment of officers on the active list of the Philippine Scouts in the Regular Army, and for other purposes------------------- 97 --- Charleston, S. C ., conveyance. AN ACT Removing certain re- strictions and conditions imposed by section 2 of the Act of May 27, 1936, on certain of the lands conveyed by such Act to the city of Charleston, South Carolina; and for other purposes ---------------- ---------------------------- Date May 27,1949- _- May 27, 1949--- May 31, 1949 -- May 31, 1949 -- May 31, 1949--- May 31, 1949--- May 31, 1949--- June 2, 1949--- June 3,1949--- June June 7, 1949_ -- 7, 1949_- - June 8,1949--- June June June June 8, 1949-_ 8, 1949--- 8, 9, 1949__- 1949 -- June 9,1949--- June 10, 1949-- _ June 10,1949--- June 10, 1949--- June 10,1949--- June 10, 1949--- 169 Page 112 140 140 144 144 144 145 152 153 154 157 158 158 159 159 159 166 167 168 169 169 IX