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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 680 -OCT. 12, 1949 Transfer of funds. Rescission of certain appropriations. Post, p. 875. 45 Stat. 750. 62 Stat. 1105 . 23 U. S. C., Supp. II, § 23c, 21. 60 Stat. 895. 81 U. S.C. 72as-3 services in the District of Columbia and printing and binding, $237,750: Provided,That the foregoing amounts for construction, and so forth, buildings and utilities, shall be available in one fund and shall remain available until completion of the projects: Provided, further, That not to exceed 10 per centum of the amount of any specific authorization may be transferred, in the discretion of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to the amount of any other specific authorization, but no limitation shall be increased more than 10 per centum by any such transfer: Provided further, That unobligated balances of any specific authorizations in appropriations for prior years for school facilities in public school districts of Minnesota, appropriated in accordance with Public Law 804, Seventy-sixth Con- gress, or Public Law 231, Eightieth Congress, may be transferred to any other such authorizations: Providedfurther, That unobligated balances in the amount of $202,418 of specific authorizations in appro- priations for prior years under the heading "Construction, and so forth, buildings and utilities" are hereby rescinded and such sum shall be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the Treasury immediately upon the approval of this Act. Roads: For construction, improvement, repair, and maintenance of Indian reservation roads under the provisions of the Act of May 26, 1928 (25 U. S. C. 318a) and the Act of June 29, 1948 (Public Law 834), $2,750,000, to remain available until expended, of which amount not to exceed $19,500 may be expended for departmental personal services. Fulfilling treaties: For fulfilling treaties with Senecas and Six Nations ofNew York, Choctaws and Pawnees of Oklahoma, and pay- ment to Indians of Sioux reservations, to be expended as provided by treaty or by law, $176,020. Payment of interest on Indian trust funds: For payment of accrued and accruing interest on moneys held in trust for the several Indian tribes, as authorized by various Acts of Congress, such amounts as may hereafter be necessary. Proceeds from power: Not to exceed the amount of power revenues covered into the Treasury to the credit of each of the power projects, including revenues credited prior to August 7, 1946, shall be available for the purposes authorizedby section 3 of the Act of August 7, 1946 (Public Law 647), including printing and binding, in connection with the respective projects from which such revenues are derived. MISOELLANEOUS INDIAN TRIBAL FUNDS Administration of Indian tribal affairs (tribal funds) : For expenses of administering the affairs and property of Indian tribes, including Travelpenss. pay and travel expenses, $440,000, payable from funds held by the United States in trust for the particular tribe benefited; not to exceed $65,000 for any one tribe, and the authorization from tribal funds for the payment of salaries of necessary employees and other expenses for the distribution of per capita payments authorized by the Act of July 2, 1942 (56 Stat. 528), is hereby increased from $1,500 to $4,500. KlamathAgency, Support of Klamath Agency, Oregon (tribal funds): For general support of Indians, including cash grants and administration of Indian property under the jurisdiction of the Klamath Agency, payable from funds held by the United States in trust for the Klamath Tribe of Indians, Oregon, $304,500, of which not to exceed $10,000 shall be available for fees and expenses of an attorney or firm of attorneys selected by the tribe and employed under contract approved by the Secretary. Wenonee Agency Support of Menominee Agency and pay of tribal officers, Wisconsin (tribal funds): For general support of Indians and administration 774 [63 STAT.