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PUBLIC LAWS--H. 680-OCT. 12, 1949 62 Stat. 1139. Transfer of portion of Ft. Douglas Mili- tary Reservation, Utah. Transfer of funds. of Mines damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, storm, or other unavoid- able causes. The last paragraph under the head "Bureau of Mines" in the Interior Department Appropriation Act, 1949, is amended to read as follows: "The Department of the Army is authorized to transfer to the Department of the Interior, for the use of the Bureau of Mines, without compensation therefor, full jurisdiction, possession, and con- trol of a parcel of ten acres, more or less, from that portion of Fort Douglas Military Reservation in the county of Salt Lake, State of Utah, which lies directly north and east of the site of the Bureau of Mines Intermountain Experiment Station and is described substan- tially as follows: All of that parcel of land bounded on the north by the southerly margin of Fort Douglas Boulevard; bounded on the west by the easterly margin of Fifteenth East Street extended and by a line running south from Monument Numbered 6, Fort Douglas Military Reservation, Utah, a distance of four hundred and eighty feet, to a point in line with the southerly margin of the five-acre tract at present occupied by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, bounded on the south by a line running east from said point in line with the southerly margin of said Bureau of Mines property, and by a line running west from Monument Numbered 6, Fort Douglas Military Reservation; and bounded on the east by a north and south line so located as to make the total enclosed area approximately ten acres." NATIONAL PARK SERVICE Salaries and expenses: For expenses, including personal services in the District of Columbia, necessary for the general administration of the National Park Service, including printing and binding, $856,000. Regional offices: For expenses of regional offices, including printing and binding, $750,000. National parks: For administration, protection, maintenance, and improvement of national parks, including necessary protection of the area of federally owned land in the custody of the National Park Service known as the Ocean Strip and Queets Corridor, adjacent to Olympic National Park, Washington, and printing and binding, $4,525,000. National monument, historical, and military areas: For administra- tion, protection, maintenance, improvement, and preservation of national monuments historical parks, memorials, historic sites, mili- tary parks, battlefields, and cemeteries, including not exceeding $308 for right-of-way easements across privately owned railroad lands necessary for supplying water to the Statue of Liberty National Monu- ment, printing and binding, and the maintenance of structures on the former Cape Hatteras Light Station Reservation within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area project, $2,150,000. Recreational areas: For administration, protection, maintenance, and improvement, pursuant to cooperative agreements, of reservoir areas devoted to recreational use which are under the jurisdiction of other Federal agencies, including printing and binding. $227,800. Emergency reconstruction and fighting forest fires: For reconstruc- tion, replacement, and repair of roads, trails, bridges, buildings, and other physical improvements and of equipment in areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service that are damaged or destroyed by flood, fire, storm, or other unavoidable causes, and for fighting or emergency prevention of forest fires in areas administered by the National Park Service, or fires that endanger such areas, includ- ing lands in process of condemnation for national park or monument purposes, $30,000, together with such sums as maybe necessary to be 792 [63 STAT.