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PUBLIC LAWS-CHS. 722, 723-OCT. 25, 1949 "Title. " "Federal share." Ante, p. 89. Notification to Snr geon General (b) Such section is further amended by striking out "and" at the end of paragraph (h), by striking out the period at the end of para- graph (i) and inserting in lieu thereof a semicolon, and by inserting after paragraph (i) the following new paragraphs: "(j) the term 'title', when used with reference to a site for a project, means a fee simple, or such other estate or interest (including a leasehold on which the rental does not exceed 4 per centum of the value of the land) as the Surgeon General finds sufficient to assure for a period of not less than fifty years undis- turbed use and possession for the purposes of construction and operation of the project; "(k) the term 'Federal share' with respect to any project means the proportion of the cost of construction of such project to be paid by the Federal Government under part C. In the case of any project approved prior to the effective date of this subsec- tion, the Federal share shall be 331/3 per centum of the cost of construction of such project. In the case of any project approved on or after the effective date of this subsection, the Federal share shall be determined as follows: "(1) if the State plan, as of the date of approval of the project application, contains standards approved by the Surgeon General pursuant to section 623 (e), the Federal share with respect to such project shall be determined by the State agency in accordance with such standards; "(2) if the State plan does not contain such standards, the Federal share shall be the amount (not less than 333 per centum and not more than either 66%3 per centum or the State's allotment percentage, whichever is the lower) estab- lished by the State agency for all projects in the State: Provided, That prior to the approval of the first project in the State during any fiscal year, the State agency shall give to the Surgeon General written notification of the Federal share established under this paragraph for projects in such State to be approved by the Surgeon General during such fiscal year, and the Federal share for projects in such State approved during such fiscal year shall not be changed after such approval." EFFECTIVE DATE SEC. 10. This Act shall take effect upon the date of its enactment. Approved October 25, 1949. [CHAPTER 723] October 25, 1949 [8. 12321 [Public Law 3811 Postal Service. 59 Stat. 456. 39 U. S. C., Supp. II, 867 (e). Equipment mainte- nance for rural car- rers. AN ACT To increase the allowance for equipment maintenance of rural carriers by 1 cent per mile per day for each scheduled mile or major fraction thereof. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled That subsection (e) of section 17 of the Act of July 6, 1945, as amended (Public Law 134, Seventy-ninth Congress), is amended to read as follows: "(e) In addition to the salaries provided in this section, each car- rier in the rural delivery service shall be paid for equipment mainte- nance a sum equal to 8 cents per mile per day for each mile or major fraction of a mile scheduled. Payments for equipment and main- tenance as provided herein shall be at the same periods and in the same manner as payments for regular compensation to rural carriers." 902 [63 STAT.