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A~6911160, Belvedere, Vittorio. A-5261578, Berry, Robert Duncan. A-2818969, Bertoglio, Giacomo (alias Pete Bertoglio). A-7197804, Bestani, Mohamed Adib Amine. A-4723723, Bladt, Michael or Mikal Bledt. A-4083831, Blais, Marie Madelaine (nee Gagne). A-6706400, Bodfish, Georjre aka Juergen Kantor. A-6887476, Bonati, Richard Joseph. A-9777127, Bonello, Anthony. A-9533410, Boot, Anton. A-3883467, Bottino, Mariano. A-7070348, Boules, Antonios Michael. A-6438769, Bove, Fulvia Teresa (or Theresa) (nee Capuana) or Sylvia Capulano. A-3790584, Bravo, Thomas Amorin. A-3469669, Bregant, Francis Charles or Franz or Frank Bregant. A-4015777, Brown, Jack. A-7140108, Brussee, Wietske Van Der Goot. A-7240575, Buchinnick, H a r r i or H a r r y Kitz. A-7178460, Buono, Giuseppe or Joseph Buono or Jose Buono. A-7278601, Butterfield, Jean Donald. A-2072584, Cacerez, Saturnino Rodriguez. A-4394545, Calcanides, Sofia (nee Christoforides). A-7029003, Calcanides, Despina. A-1078605, Careklas, Orestes George or Oreste Careclas. A-5310708, Carinos, Emanuel or Emmanuel or Emanuel Karinos. A-6971651, Caropreso, Virginio or Virginio Rocco Antonio Caropreso. A-5293002, Carrier!, Raffasle (aliasRalphCarrieri). A-3505946, Caruana, Carlo. A-3347257, Castagna, Pietro. A-2668695, Cavallaro, Ilario. A-7618927, Chang, Cheng Shu Wang. A-1459989, Charbides, Evdochia (nee Mimopoulos). A-1775243, Charron, William Joseph. A-4459707, Chen, Man Chu. A-5229612, Chen, Shou Heng Chue. A-7030751, Chen, Fung-Cheung or Francis Feng-Hsiang Chen. A-7030752, Chen, Raymond Fung-Chu or Fung Chu-Chen. A-1015199, Chengges, Louis or Elias Dimitrius Chenggis or Cheggis or Tsengges. A-3574562, Chengges, Christina or Christina Louis Chegges or Cheggis or Tsengges. A-6028159, Chiang, Huai-Chang. A-6028156, Chiang, Zoh-Ing (nee Slien). A-7171734, Chin, James Chee or Wing Chin (Chan). A-4210249, Chinchefas, Michael Constantino. A-6355300, Chryssikos, Paul Nicholas or Paul Nicolas Chryssicos. A-7606579, Chuan, Raymond Lu-Po. A-3566305, Clarizio, Saverio or Sam. A-4454594, Clasoff, Elia Dimitroff or Ilija Dimeff Klasoff or Dimovich or Lewie Dimitroff. A-4577197, Cohen, Frances (alias Frances Kneeter). A-4422386, Colombos, John or loannis Colombos. A-6699637, Constantinides, Eugenia Savvas or Eugenia Savva (nee Eugenia Evangelou Pagonis). A-6998281, Costas, Elpiniki or Elpiniki Petros Giannopoulou. A-6694937, Crowder, Gertrude Agnes or Jerabek. 76100 O - 52 (PT. I) - 64