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65 STAT.]



A-2790561, Vocos, James Dimitrios or James Vocos or James John Vocos. A-7073617, Vonakis, Julia (nee Julia Charalambos Hatziharalambos). A-6550668, Wajsman, Perla or Waisman or Perla Windman or Perla Winderman. A-5055223, Weissman, Osias Noe or Jean Blank. A-4332654, Wilson, Alice Ann. A-3032503, Wolther, Irving or Isaak Wolski. A-3501199, Wong, Tom or Wong Chou. A-3352994, Worobetz, Dmytro or Dmytro Worubec. A-7730396, Yamanaka, Satiko. A-5551057, Yang, Ling F u or Yang Ling Fu. A-6083732, Yang, Shiang Ping. A-6847844, Yang, Anna Hsiao or Anna Hsiao. A-9652853, Yanushkevich, Gregorio or Gricori. A-5099933, Yensen, Lauritz Johannes or Lauritz Johannes Jensen or Fritz L. Yensen. A-4490275, Young, Anthony Michael Gascoyne. A-6848712, Yu, Horace I-Sen. A-6923858, Yu, Lota Lois. A-5654491, Yuki, Anthony Toschimichi. A-6992360, Zeffler, Astrid Sigrid. A-5426265, Kulukundis, Manuel Elias also known as Manuel Kulukundis. A-5601575, Kulukundis, Calliope aka Calliope Manuel Kulukundis (nee Calliope Elias Hadjilias). A-7029226, Kulukundis, George Elias. A-7029225, Kulukundis, Manuel Michael. A-5824860, Foti, Joseph Arthur or Giuseppi Arturo Foti or Giuseppi Correale or Arthur L a Piere. A-6643689, Karpman, Dahlia. A-6191546, Haydari, Ebrahim. Agreed to May 23, 1951. CEREMONY IN HONOR OF CONSTANTINO BRUMIDI

Resolved by the House of Representatives {the Senate concunnng)^ That there is hereby created a joint congressional committee, composed of five Members of the Senate, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and five Members of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The committee shall select a chairman from among its members. I t shall be the duty of the committee to prepare plans for and to hold an appropriate ceremony in honor of Constantino Brumidi, the artist who spent many years decorating the Capitol Building of the United States and died as the result of a fall while working on the Rotunda frieze, his last assignment in the Capitol. Such ceremony shall be held in the Rotunda of the Capitol on July 26, 1951, the one hundred and forty-sixth anniversary of the birth of Constantino Brumidi, or on such other day as the committee herein provided for may designate. The committee shall extend invitations to attend the ceremony to the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the Chief Justice of the United States, the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Members of the Senate and House of Representatives, the AmlDassador of Italy, and such other public officials and persons in private life as the committee may select. Passed May 23, 1951.

May 23, 1951 [H. Con. Res. 100] Joint congressional committee. Appointment.

Invitations to ceremony.