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[65 STAT.

Navy; cadets, United States Coast Guard Academy; midshipmen, Merchant Marine Reserve, United States Naval Reserve; students enrolled in an officer procurement program at military colleges the curriculum of which is approved by the Secretary of Defense; members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces, the Coast Guard, and the Public Health Service, while on active duty * * * shall not be required to be registered under section 3 and shall be relieved from liability for training and service under section 4. * * *."

"(k) No exception from registration, or exemption or deferment from training and service, under this title, shall continue after the cause therefor ceases to exist." Rules and regulations.

"SEC. 10. * * * (b) The President is authorized— (1) to prescribe the necessary rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this title;"

Services of other agencies.

"(5) to utilize the services of any or all departments and any and all officers or agents of the United States, and to accept the services of all officers and agents of the several States, Territories, and possessions, and subdivisions thereof, and the District of Columbia, and of private welfare organizations, in the execution of this title;"

Notice of requirements.

"SEC. 15. (a) Every person shall be deemed to have notice of the requirements of this title upon publication by the President of a proclamation or other public notice fixing a time for any registration under section 3."

62 Stat., P t. p. 1531.


Proclamation of registration in C a n a l Zone. Ante, p. 75.

WHEREAS on the twentieth day of July 1948, I issued a proclamation calling upon all male persons subject to registration in the several States of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to present themselves for and submit to registration; and WHEREAS no provision heretofore has been made for the registration of male citizens of the United States who are in the Canal Zone: NOW, THEREFORE, I, HARRY S. TRUMAN, President of the United States of America, under and by virtue of the authority vested in me by title I of the Universal Military Training and Service Act, as amended, do proclaim the following: 1. The registration of male citizens of the United States who shall have attained the eighteenth anniversary of the day of their birth and who shall have not attained the twenty-sixth anniversary of the day of their birth shall take place in the Canal Zone between the hours of 8: 00 A. M. and 5: 00 P. M. on the day or days hereinafter designated for their registration, as follows: (a) Persons born on or after September 7, 1925, but not after September 6, 1933, shall be registered on Thursday, the 6th day of September, 1951. (b) Persons who were born after September 6, 1933, shall be registered on the day they attain the eighteenth anniversary of the day of their birth, or within five days thereafter.