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Commerce, Department of—Continued. ^^^^ Commerce, Department of—Continued. ^"^^ M a r i t i m e activities—Continued. National Bureau of Standards^—Con. Appropriation for 59, 284, 746 Arctic region, observations of radio Reduction 755 propagation phenomena in, maximum compensation of employC h a r t e r of vessels, obligations upon ees 593 redelivery, restriction 286 Construction fund— Overthrow of U. S. Government, reAppropriation for 285 striction on employment of persons Limitation on incurrence of obliadvocating 599 gations 286 P a t e n t Office, appropriation for 590 Personnel, restriction on filling vacanGeneral provisions, applicability 283, cies 599 284, 286 Personnel work, restriction on employees. 600 Government property under control Philippines, charters of vessels, extenof, services and repairs, authority sion authorized; restriction 39 for furnishing; disposition of renPublic Roads, Bureau of— tal payments 286 Access roads, appropriation for 592 Maintenance and operation of shipAlaska, Tongass forest highways, apyard facilities, warehouses, and propriation for 592 terminals, appropriation for 285 Appropriation for 56, 591 Marine schools. State, appropriation Convict labor, restriction on payfor 285 ments to States employing 592 Maritime training, appropriation for. 285 District of Columbia, approval of conOperating-differential subsidies, funds tracts for Federal-aid projects 166 for 284, 285 Federal-aid highways, appropriation Limitation on number of v o y a g e s.. 285 for . 591 Provisions respecting accrual 284 General provisions 592 Grade crossings, appropriation for Public Health Service, transfer of elimination of 591 funds to 285 Hawaii, appropriation for war and Purchase of vessels, funds available. _ 746 emergency damage 592 Restriction 60, 286 Inter-American Highway, appropriaRecords of bids and related d a t a, prestion for 591,592 ervation 639 Medical supplies and services, use of Reserve fleet expenses, appropriation appropriations in emergency 592 for 285 Oregon and California Railroad and Limitation increase; availability of Coos Bay Wagon Road lands, funds 746 appropriation for road construcSalaries and expenses, appropriation tion 251 for 285, 746 Pan-American Highway, Convention on the, appropriation for fulfilling Ship construction, appropriation for. 284, 746 U. S. obligations 591 Transfer of vessels, authorization 430 Public lands highways, appropriation for 592 Vessel Operations Revolving F u n d, Reimbursements by other agencies creation; appropriation for 59 and countries for services, wareWar-risk insurance revolving fund, house maintenance, etc 592 transfer of funds to 746 Renegotiation Act of 1951 7 W a r Shipping Administration, liquiReports to Congress, war risk, aviation, dation, funds available 286 and liability insurance, activities, Meetings, funds available for a t t e n d etc 68 ance 594 Salaries and expenses, appropriation for. 751 M u t u a l Defense Assistance Control Act Secretary— of 1951 644 Office of, appropriation for 586, 751 National Bureau of Standard s — Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Appropriation for 593 membership on Loan Policy Board 773 Arctic ionosphere stations, transfer of Strikes against U. S. Government, requipment from Department s of striction on employment of persons the Army, Navy, and Air Force, engaging in 599 authority 593