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District of Columbia—Continued. ^^^« District of Columbia—Continued. ^»ee Parole, Board of, appropriation for 157 Public schools—Continued. Passenger vehicles for hire, licenses, Salary increase, employees of Board issuance date 126 of Education 636 Pennsylvania Avenue, exchange of lands Supervision and instruction, general, for widening 570 appropriation for 157 Teachers— Personal services, funds for 172 Podiatry, annual registration fee for Double-salary restriction, nonapplicability for designated practitioners of, increase 127 Police. See Metropolitan Police and period 158 Park Police, this title; White House Reinstatement after leave without Police. pay 661 Policemen's and firemen's relief, apRetirement and annuity fund, propriation for 156 crediting of funds, estimates Policing of buildings and grounds of of appropriations, etc 156 Smithsonian Institution and conTeachers' Leave Act of 1949, amendstituent bureaus 634 ment, cumulative leave with pay_ 660 Teachers' Salary Act of 1947, amendPotomac River Basin, Interstate Comments 369, 603 mission on, appropriation for contribution 167 Addition of certain new salary schedules 369 Poundmaster's office, appropriation for_ 157 Printing and binding, performance by Appropriation authorized 605 Division of Printing and PublicaAssistants, consultants, and supertions 172 visors, salaries 603 Providence Hospital, contractual servChief examiner for colored schools, ices, appropriation for 161 appointment authorized 605 Public lands, exchange of certain, Master's degree requirement; exauthorized 570 ceptions 604, 605 Public Library— Vocational education, appropriation Appropriation for 159 for 157 Librarian, advances to 172 Public Utilities Commission— Public School Food Services Act 367 Appropriation for 157 Appropriations authorized 369, 370 General counsel, compensation of 156 Audit of accounts; reports to ComTaxicabs, restrictions on use of funds missioners 370 for certain regulations 172 Civil Service Retirement Act, apPublic Welfare— plicability to services performed, 368 Advances to Director of 172 Repeal of provision 637 Appropriation for 53, 162 Food Services, Department of, creation 367 Commitment of children to Board of Food Services Fund, creation, availPublic Welfare in lieu of to ability, etc.; appropriation auNational Training School for thorized 369 Girls 154 Personnel, compensation, leave, etc_ 367, 368 Protective institutions, appropriation School lunch program

370 for 163 Public schools— Public works, appropriation for 164 Administration, general, appropriaPurchasing Division, appropriation for.. 156 tion for 157 Recorder of Deeds, Office of, appropriAgriculture Department, distribution ation for 157 of surplus commodities 157,370 Recreation Department— Appropriation for 157 Advances to Superintendent 172 Buildings, etc., appropriation for Appropriation for 159 construction and maintenance 158 Regulatory agencies, appropriation for__ 157, Capital outlay, appropriation for 158 736 Operating expenses, appropriation Rent control— for 157 Pages, House, Senate, and Supreme Appropriation authorized 107 Court, advances for education, _ 396 Appropriation for 26, 113, 736 Plans and specifications, appropriaEmergency Rent Act, time extention for 158 sion 25