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Housing—Continued. '^^^^ Housing—Continued. '^^^^ Greenbelt, Md., Greendale, Wis., and Housing and H o m e Finance Agency— Greenhills, Ohio, sale of resettleContinued. m e n t projects, funds for expenses,. 289 Transfer of functions, powers, duties, Home Loan Bank Board— etc., in certain cases, authority Availability of funds 288 of the President 308, 309 District of Columbia building associaHousing and Rent Act of 1947, amendtions, transfer of functions 323 ments 144 Home Owners' Loan Corporation, availTime extension 7, 110, 144 ability of funds for liquidation 288 Violations 147, 148 Housing Act of 1948, amendments 311 Housing and Rent Act of 1950, approHousing Act of 1949, appropriation for priation for activities, etc., under; restriction 112 effecting provisions 240, 241 Housing Expediter, Office of— Housing Act of 1950, amendment 316 Housing and Home Finance Agency— Appropriation for 48, 59 Administrator, OfRce of— Terminal leave, funds available for, Appropriation for. _ 276, 744, 752, 762, 763 decrease 59 Reduction 755 Termination and liquidation of affairs Availability of funds 287 of 144 Loans, restriction 287 Time extension 110 Transfer of functions, personnel, e t c. _ 144 Alaska housing, appropriation for 744 Inspection fees a t certain projects, payAppropriation for 276, 744, 752,762 ment of 276 Reduction 755 Low-rent projects— Availability of funds 287 Contracts, renegotiation of 7 Citizenship requirements for t e n a n t s; Defense production activities, approexception 276 priation for 752 Restriction on initiation; applicability of income limitation proFederal Register, publication of numvisions 317 ber of dwelling units needed in Military housing insurance— critical defense housing areas 294 Atomic Energy Commission, availGeneral provisions. Independent Ofability to certain personnel of 313 fices Appropriation Act, nonPrincipal obligation, increase in limiapplicability 284 tation, authority of Federal National Housing Council, inclusion Housing Commissioner 313 of Secretary of Defense in memTime extension of authority 313 bership 317 Military housing projects, authorized; Obligations, issuance authority 312 building and cost restrictions; a p Overthrow of U. S. Government, propriation authorized 365 restriction on employment of Mortgage insurance— persons advocating 766 Aggregate a m o u n t of principal obligaPersons displaced by defense contions, authority of President to struction projects, housing for_._ 316 prescribe 315 Prefabricated housing, etc., loans to Cooperative housing, m a t u r i t y term aid production and distribution, of debentures issued in connecauthorized; restrictions 311,312 tion with 314 National Defense Housing Insurance. 295 Appropriation for 287, 763 Acquisition of property by conRenegotiation Act of 1951 7 veyance or foreclosure; disStrikes against U. S. Government, position, etc 302 restriction on employment of Aggregate a m o u n t of principal persons engaging in 766 obligations 296, 315 Temporary housing— Authority of Federal Housing ComDisposal, extension of time limitamissioner; delegation of powtion, authority of the Presiers 300 dent 314 Authority to insure mortgages 296 Income limitations for occupancy, Certificate of claim 300, 302 authority to establish 314 Certification requirement, penalty Repeal of provisions relating to for violation 296 maximum rentals .. 314 Debentures 299, 302