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President of the United States—Con. ^^«^ President of the United States—Con. Appointments Vjy—Continued. Defense production, appropriation for M u t u a l Security Agency— expenses of 33, 60, 112, 754 Deputy Director 379 Defense Production Act of 1950. See separate title. Director 377 Delegation of functions, authorization; Special Representative in Europe publication 712 and Deputy 379 National Security Training ComDisaster relief, appropriation for 123, 268 mission, members and Chairman^ 80 Economic Cooperation Act of 1948. See Navy officers, temporary appointseparate title. ments to grades above lieutenant Economic Cooperation Administrator, (jg), recommendation of board transfer of Korean aid functions, authority 377 of officers, requirement for 109 Emergency fund— P a y n e, Jolin H o w a r d, U. S. CommisAppropriation for 61, 286, 754 sion for the Observance of the One H u n d r e d t h Anniversary of Disposal of unobligated balance 268 National Security Training Commist h e Death of, members 659 sion, reimbursement 747 Reconstruction Finance CorporaExecutive Mansion— tion— Appropriation for 268 Administrator of the Corporation- _ 773 Commission on Renovation. See sepaD e p u t y Administrator 773 rate title. Loan Policy Board, designation of Employees, salary increase 636 member 773 Renovation, etc., General Services Renegotiation Board, members and Administration appropriation Chairman 19 for 275,743 Sabine River, compact for apportionm e n t of waters, U. S. representaExecutive Office— tive in negotiation of 736 Appropriation for 268, 750 Reduction 755 Small Defense Plants A d m i n i s t r a to r. 140 Budget, Bureau of. See separate Armed Forces, extension of enlistments title. in; restriction 88 Economic Advisers, Council of, a p Atomic Energy Act of 1946, functions propriation for 269 under 692 M u t u a l Security Agency. See sepaBonds, Series E, Savings, extension, rate title. approval provision 26 President, compensation of, approBudget, Bureau of. See separate title. priation for 268 Canada, t r e a t y of Feb. 27, 1950 with, White House Office, appropriation funds available for effecting provisions of 54 for 268 Expense allowance, removal of tax exCanal Zone, employment conditions and emption 569 limitations, suspension authority. 447 Funds appropriated to 60, 730, 754 Citizenship requirements, etc., for certain employees, suspension authorReduction 755 ity 447, 622 Germany, termination of s t a t e of war Classification Act of 1949, positions in with 451 grades 17 and 18 of General SchedGreat Lakes, transportation on Cana- . i ule, authority for establishment in dian vessels, termination provision— Department of Defense 449 Communications Act of 1934, amendGrain 371 m e n t s, war emergency powers 611 Iron ore 28 Compensation, appropriation for 268 Housing and R e n t Act of 1947— Copper, suspension of certain import Authority under 144 Termination provision 7 taxes on, revocation of 44 I m p o r t controls, designated, time exDefense, Department of, exemptions of tension for certain authority, etc., appropriations, etc., from certain under Second War Powers Act 111 apportionment requirements, auIndia Emergency Food Aid Act of 1951, thority 448 utilization of funds for; determinaDefense Housing and Community F a tion of a m o u n t s necessary for cilities and Services Act of 1951, transportation purposes 70 functions under 293