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Prevention and detection of crime.

PUBLIC LAW 106—AUG. 3, 1951

[65 STAT.

harbor patrol; and the maintenance of a suitable place for the reception and detention of girls and women over seventeen years of age, arrested by the police on charge of offense against any laws in force in the District of Columbia, or held as Avitnesses or held pending final investigation or examination, or otherwise; $9,390,000, of which amount $1,180,000 shall be payable from the highway fund and $25,000 shall be exclusively available for expenditure by the Superintendent of Police for prevention and detection of crime, under his certificate, approved by the Commissioners and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have been expended. FIKE DEPARTMENT For expenses necessary for the Fire Department, including pay and allowances; the present first deputy fire marshal with the rank and pay comparable to battalion chief; compensation of civilian trial board members at rates to be fixed by the Commissioners; uniforms and other official equipment, including cleaning, alteration, and repair of articles transferred from one individual to another or damaged in the performance of duty; purchase of passenger motor vehicles; repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds; $4,695,000: Providedn, That the Commissioners, in their discretion may authorize the construction, in whole or in part, of fire-fighting apparatus in the Fire Department repair shop. VETERANS'


For expenses necessary to provide services to veterans, $117,800. COURTS District of Columbia courts: For expenses of the Juvenile Court, the Municipal Court, and the Municipal Court of Appeals, including pay of retired judges; lodging and meals for jurors, bailiffs, and deputy United States marshals while in attendance upon jurors, when ordered by the courts; and meals for prisoners; $1,100,300, of which $17,100 shall be available for payment to the United States Public Health Service for furnishing psychiatric service to the Juvenile Court, including the detail of necessary medical and other personnel: Provided, That deposits made on demands for jury trials in accordance with rules prescribed by the Municipal Court under authority granted in section 11 of the Act approved March 3, 1921 D. c. Code §11-722. (41 Stat. 1312), shall be earned unless, prior to three days before the time set for such trials, including Sundays and legal holidays, a new date for trial be set by the court, cases be discontinued or settled, or demands for jury trials be waived. United States courts: For reimbursement to the United States for services rendered to the District of Columbia by the Judiciary and the Department of Justice, $1,766,000. HEALTH DEPARTMENT General administration, Health Department: For expenses necessary for the Health Department (excluding hospitals), including services for tuberculosis, venereal disease, hygiene and sanitation work in schools, dental health, maternal and child health, housekeeping assistance in cases of authentic indigent sick, handicapped