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106—AUG. 3, 1951

[65 S T A T.

Infirmary building and a separate laundry building at the Home for Aged and Infirm, including improvement of grounds, $3,450,000; and construction of a new heating plant, sewage disposal plant, water supply and distribution system, sewers, and electrical distribution system, at the District Training School, $1,390,000. " Saint Elizabeths Hospital: For support of indigent insane, $8,336,000. PUBLIC

Basis of apportionment.


Advance planning.

03 Stat. 841. 40 U.S.C.SS 451-458.

Fire escapes, etc.

D. C. Code §§7-701 to 7-705.


For expenses necessary for agencies named under this general head: Office of chief clerk, including maintenance and repair of wharves; and $1,000 for affiliation with the National Safety Council, Incorporated; $72,400, of which $4,000 shall be payable from the highway fund. Office of Municipal Architect, $102,825. All apportionments of appropriations for the use of the Office of Municipal Architect in payment of personal services employed on construction work provided for by said appropriations shall be based on an amount not exceeding 4 per centum of a total of not more than $2,000,000 of appropriations made for such construction projects and not exceeding 3 % per centum of a total of the appropriations in excess of $2,000,000, and appropriations specifically made in this Act for the preparation of plans and specifications shall be deducted from any allowances authorized under this paragraph: Provided, That reimbursements may be made to this fund from appropriations contained in this Act for services rendered other activities of the District government, without reference to fiscal-year limitations on such appropriations: Provided further, That this fund shall be available for advance planning subject to subsequent reimbursement from funds loaned by the Administrator of General Services under the provisions of the Act of October 13, 1949 (Public Law 352, Eighty-first Congress). Operating expenses, Office of Superintendent of District Buildings, including rental of postage meter equipment, uniforms and caps for guards and elevator operators, $1,332,000, of which $8,985 shall be payable from the highway fund. "Surveyor's office, $155,000. Department of Inspections, including the enforcement of the Act requiring the erection of fire escapes on certain buildings and the removal of dangerous or unsafe and insanitary buildings; compensation at rates to be fixed by the Commissioners of two members of the plumbing board, two members of the board of examiners, steam engineers (the inspector of boilers to serve without additional compensation), members of board of survey, other than the inspector of buildings, while actually employed in surveys of such dangerous and unsafe buildings, three members of board of special appeal, one member of motion-picture operators examining board, two members of electrical examining board, and board of examiners, elevator licenses; $800,000. Operating expenses. Electrical Division: For expenses necessary for the operation and maintenance of the District's communication systems, including rental, purchase, installation, and maintenance of telephone, telegraph, and radio services; and street lighting, including the installation and maintenance of public lamps, lampposts, street designations, lanterns, and fixtures of all kinds on streets, avenues, roads, alleys, and public spaces, to be expended in accordance with the provisions of sections 7 and 8 of the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1912 (36 Stat. 1008), and with the provisions of the District of Columbia Appropriation Act for the fiscal