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65 STAT.]

PUBLIC LAW 135—AUG. 31, 1951



For artificial revegetation, construction, and maintenance of range improvements, control of rodents, and eradication of poisonous and noxious plants on national forests, as authorized by section 12 of the Act of April 24, 1950 (Public Law 478). $700,000, to remain available until expended: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be available in any national forest in excess of three times the amount available for such forest from sources (including claims recognized by the Act of December 29, 1950, and receipts under 16 U.S.C. 500) other than Federal sources.

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For expenses necessar}^, in accordance with the Flood Control Act, approved June 22, 1930 (Public Law 738), as amended and supplemented, to make preliminary examinations and surveys, and to perform works of improvement, and to plan the agricultural phases of the development of the Columbia Basin area, the Arkansas-White-Red River area, and the New England-New York area, in accordance with the provisions of laws relating to the activities of the Department, including not to exceed $100,000 for employment pursuant to the second sentence of section 706(a) of the Organic Act of 1944 (5 U.S.C. 574), as amended by section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), to remain available until expended, $6,372,800, with which shall be merged the unexpended balances of funds heretofore appropriated or transferred to the Department for flood-control purposes: Provided, That no part of such funds shall be used for the purchase of lands in the Yazoo and Little Tallahatchie watersheds without specific approval of the county board of supervisors of the county in which such lands are situated, nor shall any part of such funds be used for the purchase of lands in the counties of Adair, Cherokee, and Sequoyah, in the State of Oklahoma, without the specific approval of the Board of County Commissioners of the county in which such lands are situated: Provided further, That of the funds available herein, not in excess of $6,000,000 (with which shall be merged the unexpended balance of funds heretofore made available for these purposes) may be expended in watersheds heretofore authorized by section 13 of the Flood Control Act of December 22, 1944, for necessary gully control, floodwater detention, and floodway structures in areas other than those over which the Department of the Army has jurisdiction and responsibility.

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For necessary expenses for carrying out the provisions of the Act of April 27, 1935 (16 U.S.C. 590a-590f), title III of the Act of July 22, 1937 (7 U.S.C. 1010-1012), and the Act of August 11, 1945 (7 U.S.C. 1011 note), including research and investigations into the character, cause, extent, history, and effects of erosion, soil and moisture depletion, and methods of soil and water conservation (including the construction and hydrologic phases of farm irrigation and land drainage, and the construction, operation, and maintenance of experimental watersheds, stations, laboratories, plots, and installations); making conservation surveys and plans and establishing measures to conserve soil and water (including farm irrigation and land drainage and such special measures as may be necessary to prevent floods and the siltation of reservoirs); establishment and operation of conservation nurseries; development and manageinent of land utilization project lands and facilities; dissemination of information; purchase and

49 Stat. 163.

so Stat. 525. 59stat.532.