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Personal services.

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PUBLIC LAW 138—AUG. 31, 1951

[65 STAT.

(1) functions performed by a person designated as an information specialist, information and editorial specialist, publications and information coordinator, press relations officer or counsel, photographer, radio expert, television expert, motion-picture expert, or publicity expert, or designated by any similar title, or (2) functions performed by persons who assist persons performing the functions described in (1) in drafting, preparing, editing, typing, duplicating, or disseminating public information publications or releases, radio or television scripts, magazine articles, photograf)hs, motion pictures, and similar material, shall be available to pay the compensation of persons performing the functions described in (1) or (2). SEC. 605. No part of any appropriation or authorization contained in this Act shall be used to pay the compensation of any incumbent appointed to any civil office or position which may become vacant during the fiscal year beginning on July 1, 1951: Provided, That this inhibition shall not apply— (a) to not to exceed 25 per centum of all vacancies; (b) to positions filled from within and by transfer to agencies provided for by this Act; (c) to offices or positions required by law to be filled by appointment of the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; (d) to employees of the White House Office; (e) to employees engaged in the care, maintenance, and so forth, of the Executive Mansion and Grounds; (f) to all employees in veterans' medical facilities, exclusive of medical departmental personnel in the District of Columbia; (g) to employees of the General Accounting Office; (h) to employees of the Smithsonian Institution, including the National Gallery of A r t; (i) to employees of The Tax Court of the United States: Provided further, That when any department or agency covered in this Act shall, as a result of the operation of this amendment reduce their employment to a figure not exceeding 90 per centum of the total number on their rolls as of July 1, 1951, such amendment shall cease to apply and said 90 per centum figure shall become a ceiling for employment during the fiscal year 1952 and if exceeded at any time during fiscal year 1952 this amendment shall again become operative: And provided fv/rther^ That amounts for personal services, in those paragraphs where amounts for such personal services have been expressly limited in this Act, may be exceeded by 2 ^er centum of said limitation on personal services if said 2 per centum is available from the total amount of any such appropriation or authorization. SEC. 606. This Act may be cited as the "Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1952". Approved August 31, 1951. CHAPTER

Public Law 138


JOINT RESOLUTION August 31, 1951 [H. J. Res. 281]

To authorize the President to proclaim a special period for intensified voluntary contributions of clothing and kindred supplies in connection with the collection effort of American Relief for Korea, Incorporated.

Whereas the Deputy Agent General of the United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency in Pusan has reported that there are two million and nine hundred thousand registered refugees in Korea and additional millions estimated to be unregistered; and Whereas a situation has arisen in Korea which challenges the humanitarian instincts of the American people and should challenge the humanitarian instincts of the entire world; and