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Surgeon General. Powers, duties, etc. Ante, p. 294.

PUBLIC LAW 139—SEPT. 1, 1951



(g) "Project shall mean housing or community facilities acquired, developed, or constructed with financial assistance pursuant to this title. (h) "Veteran" shall mean a person, or the family of a person, who has served in the active military or naval service of the United States at any time (i) on or after September 16, 1940, and prior to July 26, 1947, (ii) on or after April 6, 1917, and prior to November 11, 1918, or (iii) on or after June 27, 1950, and prior to such date thereafter as shall be determined by the President, and who shall have been discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable or who shall be still serving therein. The term shall also include the family of a person who served in the active military or naval service of the United States within any such period and who shall have died of causes determined by the Veterans' Administration to have been service-connected. SEC. 316. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, all functions, powers, and duties under this title and section 103 with respect to health, refuse disposal, sewage treatment, and water purification shall be exercised by and vested in the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service: Provided, That the Surgeon General shall have power to delegate to any other Federal agency functions, powers, and duties with respect to construction. TITLE IV—PKOVISION OF S I T E S FOR NECESSARY DEVELOPMENT I N CONNECTION W I T H I S O L A T E D DEFENSE INSTALLATIONS

Authority of AdQj^^ Qi^ Subicct to the provisions and limitations of title I hereof Ante, p. 293. and subjcct to the provisions and limitations of this title, upon a finding by the President that in connection with a defense installation (as defined by him) developed or to be developed in an isolated or relatively isolated area (1) housing or community facilities needed for such installation would not otherwise be provided when and where required or (2) there would otherwise be speculation or uneconomic use of land resources which would impair the efficiency of defense activities at such installation, the Housing and Home Finance Administrator (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator") is authorized to make general plans for the development of necessary housing and community facilities in connection with such defense installation; to acquire, by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise, the necessary improved or unimproved land or interests therein; to clear land; to install, construct, or reconstruct streets, utilities, and other site improvements essential to the preparation of the land for use in accordance with said general plans; and to dispose of such land or interests therein for use in accordance with such plans and subject to such terms and conditions as he shall deem advisable and in the public interest. For the purposes of this title, the Administrator may exercise the powers granted to him in title III for the purposes thereof: Ante, p. 303. Restriction on use oi Provided, That no funds made available under this title shall be used funds. for the erection of dwellings or other buildings, and funds representing the fair value, as determined by the Administrator, of any property acquired under this title and used as sites for dwellings or other buildings or facilities under title III shall be transferred from funds appropriated thereunder and made available for purposes of this title IV: And provided further, That the provisions of section 310 Ante, p. 307. shall be applicable to site development work under this title. Acquisition o land. f QEC. 402. Upou a finding by the President that it is necessary or desirable in the public interest that land shall be acquired by the