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370 Time limitation.

School-lunch program. 60 Stat. 230. 42 U. 8. C. § 1751 note.


Citation of title.

PUBLIC LAW 160—OCT. 10, 1951

[65 STAT.

together with all books and records pertaining to the same: Provided, That the Board of Education shall place all such cafeterias and lunchrooms under the Office of Central Management not more than one year after the Department of Food Services is established by said Board. (b) All obligations incurred for food, supplies, and equipment used or usable in the conduct of cafeterias and lunchrooms unsatisfied on the day the respective cafeterias and lunchrooms are placed under the Office of Central Management, shall be paid from the Food Services Fund. SKC. 8. Insofar as the Board shall conduct a school-lunch program under the authority of this title, it shall be considered a "school" within the meaning of the National School Lunch Act, and all funds to which it may thus become entitled as a participating school under the National School Lunch Act shall be deposited in the fund created by section 5 hereof. SEC. 9. I t shall be the duty of the Auditor of the District of Columbia to audit at least quarterly the accounts of the Department of Food Services and make reports thereof to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. SEC. 10. This title may be cited as the "District of Columbia Public School Food Services Act". TITLE II—DISTRIBUTION OF COMMODITIES

Commodity tracts.

Milk program.

Appropriations authorized.

SEC. 201. The Board of Education of the District of Columbia is authorized (a) to enter into a contract or contracts from time to time with the United States Department of Agriculture for the distribution to schools and to public and charitable institutions of commodities made available by said Department, and (b) to carry out, under regulations of the said Board, a program or programs of furnishing milk to school children in the District, including the purchase and distribution of milk under agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture: Provided, That all moneys collected under such program or programs shall be paid to the Collector of Taxes of the District of Columbia for deposit into the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the District. S E C 202. Appropriations are hereby authorized to enable the Board of Education to carry out the contracts and programs authorized by this title. Approved October 8, 1951. Public Law 160



AN ACT October 10, 1951 [S. 1183]

Alaska. Public airports.

To amend the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the construction, protection, operation, and maintenance of public airports in the Territory of Alaska", as amended.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 5 of the