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PUBLIC LAW 179—OCT. 18, 1951

[65 STAT.

neering facilities, and shore activities not otherwise provided for; procurement of services, supplies and equipment for the foregoing activities; purchase and hire of passenger motor vehicles; research and development; engineering services; industrial mobilization; and departmental salaries; $196,488,000. PUBLIC WORKS

For an additional amount for "Public works", to remain available poK'i^^'"' ^^^' ^^^^^ expended, $51,657,000, of which $1,243,000 shall be used for construction, installation, or repair of sewage facilities at the naval base, Newport, Rhode Island, and the remainder shall be available for liquidation of obligations incurred pursuant to authority heretofore granted under this head to enter into contracts. FACILITIES

For expenses necessary for acquisition, construction, and installation of production facilities and equipment, and test facilities and equipment (other than those for research and development), including the land necessary therefor, without regard to section 3734, Revised 40 U.S.C. § 259, Statutes, as amended, and such land, and interests, therein, may be § acquired and construction prosecuted thereon prior to the approval of title by the Attorney General as required by section 355, Revised 33U. s. e.§733and Statutes, as amended, such amounts as may be determined by the Secretary of the Navy, and approved by the Secretary of Defense and the Bureau of the Budget, and said amounts shall be derived by transfer from any appropriations available to the Department of the Navy, during the fiscal year 1952, for procurement of equipment for installation or use in private plants: Provided, That the total amount so transferred shall not exceed $100,000,000. RESEARCH

60 Stat. 779.

For conduct and encouragement of research and development, not otherwise provided for; dissemination of scientific information; administration of patents, trade-marks, and copyrights; maintenance and operation of research and development facilities; development, installation, and maintenance of special devices (including specialized housing therefor); procurement of supplies, services, and equipment; departmental salaries; and other expenses necessary in carrying out the Act of August 1, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 475), to remain available until expended, $69,698,000. SERVICE-WIDE SUPPLY AND FINANCE

For expenses necessary for maintenance and operation of servicewide supply and finance activities, including supply depots and centers, clothing depots, market and purchasing offices, supply demand control points, fleet fueling facilities, overseas air cargo terminals, regional accounting and disbursing offices, the material catalog office, the cost inspection service, and other service-wide supply and finance Procurement o sup- facilities, as designated by the Secretary; procurement of supplies, f intra-Navy trans- services. Special clothing, and equipment; rent; intra-Navy transporportation. tation of things, all transportation of Navy stock fund material, and transportation of household effects; research and development; industrial mobilization; losses in exchange and in the accounts of disbursing officers, as authorized by law; and departmental salaries; $485,102,000.