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65 STAT.]


PUBLIC LAW 185—OCT. 20, 1951

ing three thousand three hundred twenty-two and forty-three onehundredths square feet. And upon acceptance of such title to such parcel of land, the Secretary of the Interior, acting for and on behalf of the United States of America, is authorized and directed to convey, without cost to the United States of America, to the grantor of the above-described tract of land, all right, title, and interest of the United States of America in and to the following-described tract of land owned by the United States of America and located in the District of Columbia, more particularly described as follows: Parts of lots 9 and 10, square 1194, as per plat recorded in the Office of the Surveyor of the District of Columbia in Book G. T. 2, at page 23, described as follows: Beginning for the same at a point on the south line of M Street, said point of beginning being the northwest comer of lot 9 and running thence along the south line of M Street east thirty-nine and fifty-five one-hundredths feet to the northeast corner of lot 10; thence along the east line of said lot 10 south twenty-four feet; thence south twentyeight degrees sixteen minutes fifty seconds west eighty-three and forty-seven one-hundredths feet to a point in the northerly line of Pennsylvania Avenue, said point being the southwest comer of said lot 9; thence along the west line of said lot 9 north ninety-seven and fifty-one one-hundredths feet to the point of beginning, containing two thousand four hundred two and eighty-six one-hundredths square feet. The deeds of conveyance from the United States of America shall contain such conditions, covenants, or restrictions as the Secretary of the Interior, after consultation with the National Capital P a r k and Planning Commission, shall see fit to impose in connection with the future widening of Pennsylvania Avenue. All land descriptions set forth in this Act are in accordance with a plat of computation recorded in the Office of the Surveyor of the District of Columbia in survey book 161, page 309. Approved October 20, 1951.

Public Law 185


Deeds of convey-


AN ACT To provide for the sale, transfer, or quitclaim of title to certain lands in Florida.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior shall, as soon as reasonably possible, make an investigation to determine whether or not certain lands between the shore line of the Gulf of Mexico and township G south, range 12 west, Tallahassee meridian, Florida, as represented on the official plat approved in April 1834 are unsurveyed public lands. The Secretary shall promptly notify all interested persons of his determination in such manner as he may find appropriate. SEC. 2. If the Secretary finds any such unsurveyed public lands, he shall cause them to be surveyed. If such lands have not been appropriated under the public-land laws, the Secretary shall appraise such lands and oifer them for sale for a period of thirty days at their appraised price to the owners of the adjoining uplands in such township. SEC. 3. If the Secretary determines that the areas investigated under this Act are not unsurveyed public lands, he shall, upon request of

October 20, 1951 [H. R. 2684]

Florida. Sale, etc., of certaui lands.