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C H A P T E R 51.—RESERVE COMPONENTS: STANDARDS AND P R O C E D U R E S FOR R E T E N T I O N AND PROMOTION Sec. Page 1001. Secretary to prescribe 79 1003. Officers: age limitations 79 1004. Physical examination 79 C H A P T E R 53.—MISCELLANEOUS R I G H T S AND B E N E F I T S Sec. 1031. Administration of oath 1032. Dual c a p a c i t y: Reserve accepting employment with foreign government or concern 1033. Compensation: Reserve on active d u t y accepting from any p e r s o n. 1034. Communicating with a member of Congress 1035. Enlisted members' deposits

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C H A P T E R 55.—VOTING BY M E M B E R S O F ARMED FOR C E S Sec. 1071. 1072. 1073. 1074. 1075. 1076. 1077. 1078. 1079. 1080. 1081. 1082. 1083. 1084. 1085. 1086.

P u r p o s e: construction Definitions Right to vote in war-time presidential and congressional elections— E n a c t m e n t of legislation relating to voting in other elections Post c a r d requests for absentee b a l l o t s: printing and t r a n s m i s s i o n. _ Use of post c a r d s; waiver of r e g i s t r a t i o n; voting by discharged persons Distribution of ballots, envelopes, and voting instructions Instructions for marliing ballots . Establishment of right to vote Style and m a r k i n g of envelope; I n s e r t s; r e t u r n envelope; size and weight of ballots Notification of elections Extension of time limit Transmission, delivery, and r e t u r n of post cards, ballots, etc Administration Prevention of fraud, coercion, and undue influence; free discussion; acts done in good faith F r e e postage

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C H A P T E R 57.—DECORATIONS AND AWARDS Sec. 1121. Legion of M e r i t: a w a r d 1122. Medal for M e r i t: a w a r d 1123. Right to w e a r badges of military societies

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C H A P T E R 59.—SEPARATION Sec. 1161. 1162. 1163. 1164. 1165.

Commissioned officers: limitations on dismissal R e s e r v e s: discharge Reserve components: m e m b e r s; limitations on separation W a r r a n t officers: separation for age Regular w a r r a n t officers: separation during three-year probationary period 1166. Regular w a r r a n t officers: elimination for unfitness or unsatisfactory performance 1167. Regular w a r r a n t officers: severance pay

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