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120 (6) prepare estimates of potential production, procurement, and personnel for use in evaluating the logistic feasibility of strategic operations; (7) determine priorities for the segments of the military procurement programs; (8) supervise subordinate agencies created to consider matters covered by this section; (9) "regroup, combine, or dissolve inter-service agencies operating in the fields of procurement, production, and distribution, so as to promote efficiency and economy; (10) maintain liaison with other departments and agencies for the proper correlation of military requirements with the civilian economy, particularly with regard to the procurement or disposition of strategic and critical materials and the maintenance of adequate reserves of those materials, and the making of recommendations as to policies in connection therewith; and (11) assemble and review requirements for material and personnel presented by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and by the production, procurement, and distribution agencies assigned to meet military needs. § 2202. Obligation of funds: limitation Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an officer or agency of the Department of Defense may obligate funds for procuring, producing, warehousing, or distributing supplies, or for related functions of supply management, only under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. The purpose of this section is to achieve the efficient, economical, and practical operation of an integrated supply system to meet the needs of the military departments without duplicate or overlapping operations or functions. CHAPTER 133.—FACILITIES FOR RESERVE COMPONENTS S6C.

2231. 2232. 2283. 2234. 2235. 2236. 2237. 2238.

Purpose. Definitions. Acquisition. Location and use. Administration; other use permitted by Secretary. Contributions to States; other use permitted by States. Supervision of construction. Army National Guard of United States; Air National Guard of United States: limitation on relocation of units.

§ 2231. Purpose The purpose of this chapter is to provide for— (1) the acquisition, by purchase, lease, transfer, construction, expansion, rehabilitation, or conversion, of facilities necessary for the proper development, training, operation, and maintenance of the reserve components of the armed forces; (2) the joint use of those facilities by imits of two or more of those reserve components, to the greatest practicable extent for efficiency and economy; (3) the use of those facilities, in time of war or national emergency, by those units and other units of the armed forces, to the greatest practicable extent for efficiency and economy; and