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(d) The Board shall visit the Academy annually. W i t h the approval of the Secretary of the Army, the Board or its members may make other visits to the Academy in connection with the duties of the Board or to consult with the Superintendent of the Academy. (e) The Board shall inquire into the morale and discipline, the curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, academic methods, and other matters relating to the Academy that the Board decides to consider. (f) Within 60 days after its annual visit, the Board shall submit a written report to the President of its action, and of its views and recommendations pertaining^ to the Academy. Any report of a visit, other than the annual visit, shall, if approved by a majority of the members of the Board, be submitted to the President within 60 days after the approval. (g) Upon approval by the Secretary, the Board may call in advisers for consultation. (h) While performing his duties, each member of the Board and each adviser is entitled to not more than $5 a day and shall be reimbursed under Government travel regulations for his travel expenses. CHAPTER 405.—RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS Sec. 4381. 4382. 4383. 4384. 4385. 4386. 4387.

Advanced training: definition. Establishment and composition. Medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinary students: admission, Courses of training. Training camps. Supplies and uniforms. Advanced training: compensation.

§ 4381. Advanced training: definition I n this chapter, "advanced training" means the training and instruction in military science and tactics offered in the senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps to students who complete the two years' elective or compulsory course in that subject or are credited with equivalent training under section 4387 of this title. § 4382. Establishment and composition (a) The President may establish and maintain in civil educational institutions a Reserve Officers' Training Corps having— (1) a senior division at universities and colleges granting degrees, and at schools essentially military that do not confer academic degrees and that are designated as qualified by the , j, Secretary of the Army; and . ^ (2) a junior division at other public or private educational institutions. (b) Each division shall consist of one or more units of the several branches of the Army in the strengths prescribed by the President. (c) No unit may be established or maintained at an institution, unless— (1) a commissioned officer of the Regular Army is detailed to it as professor of military science and tactics; (2) the institution maintains under military instruction at least 100 physically fit male students for each infantry, armor, or