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266 found due, including accrued interest. No claim may be allowed or paid in excess of the net proceeds, including accrued interest, of the estate covered into the Treasury under subsection (d). §4714. Collection of captured flags, standards, and colors The Secretary of the Army shall have sent to him all flags, standards, and colors taken by the Army from enemies of the United States. CHAPTER 447.—TRANSPORTATION Sec. 4741. 4742. 4743. 4744. 4745. 4746. 4747. 4748. 4749.

Control and supervision. Control of transportation systems in time of war. Officers: use of transportation. Persons and supplies: sea transportation. Civilian passengers and commercial cargoes: transports in trans-Atlantic service. Civilian personnel in Alaska. Passengers and merchandise to Guam: sea transport. Motor vehicles: for members on permanent change of station. Property: for United States surveys.

§4741. Control and supervision The transportation of members, munitions of war, equipment, military property, and stores of the Army throughout the United States shall be under the immediate control and supervision of the Secretary of the Army and agents appointed or designated by him. §4742. Control of transportation systems in time of war I n time of war, the President, through the Secretary of the Army, may take possession and assume control of all or part of any system of transportation to transport troops, war material, and equipment, or for other purposes related to the emergency. So far as necessary, he may use the system to the exclusion of other traffic. §4743. Officers: use of transportation Under such conditions as the Secretary of the Army may prescribe, officers of the Army may, in the performance of their duties, use means of transportation provided for the Army and its supplies. §4744. Persons and supplies: sea transportation Whenever the Secretary of the Army considers that space is available, the following persons and supplies may be transported on vessels operated by Army transport agencies or, within bulk space allocations made to the Department of the Army, on vessels operated by any military transport agency of the Department of Defense: (1) Members of the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. (2) Officers and employees of the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force, or the Coast Guard. (3) Supplies of the Department of the Navy. (4) Members of Congress. (5) Other officers of the United States traveling on official business. (6) Officers and employees of the Territory of Hawaii.