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XXXV C H A P T E R 561.—MISCELLANEOUS R I G H T S AND BENEFITS—Continued Sec. Page 6151. Higher retired grade and pay for members temporarily appointed or promoted during World W a r II 385 6152. Emergency shore duty: advance of funds 386 6153. Shore patrol d u t y: payment of expenses 386 6154. Mileage books; commutation tickets 386 6155. Uniforms, accouterments, and equipment: sale a t cost 386 6156. Uniform: sale to former members of the naval service 386 6157. Motor vehicles: transportation on permanent change of station 387 6158. Exemption from a r r e s t for debt: enlisted members of Marine Corps 387 CHAPTER 563.—HOSPITALIZATION AND MEDICAL CARE Sec. 6201. Members of the naval service in other United States hospitals 6202. Insane members of the naval service 6203. Emergency medical t r e a t m e n t: reimbursement for expense

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C H A P T E R 565.—BANDS

Sec. 6221. United States Navy B and; leader's pay and allowances 6222. United States Marine Corjis Band: composition; pay and allowances of leader and second leader 6223. Competition with civilian musicians prohibited 6224. United States Navy B and; United States Marine Corps B and: concert tours Sec. 6241. 6242. 6243. 6244. 6245. 6246. 6247. 6248. 6249. 6250. 6251. 6252. 6253. 6254. 6255. Sec. 6291. 6292. 6293. 6294. 6295. 6296. 6297. 6298.

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C H A P T E R 567.—DECORATIONS AND AWARDS Medal of honor Navy cross Distinguished-service medal Silver s t a r medal Distinguished flying cross Navy and Marine Corps Medal Additional a w a r d s Limitations of time Limitation of honorable service Posthumous a w a r d s Delegation of power to a w a r d Regulations Replacement Availability of appropriations Commemorative or special m e d a l s: facsimiles and ribbons

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C H A P T E R 569.—DISCHARGE OF E N L I S T E D MEMBERS Honorable discharges Minors enlisted upon false statement of age Minors enlisted without consent of parent or guardian Women In the Regular Navy and Regular Marine Corps: termination of enlistment Regular Navy: early discharge Furlough without pay Disiwsition of uniform; clothing allowance; emergency funds Authority to live a t a receiving station after honorable discharge

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