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3T5 CHAPTER 555.—ADMINISTRATION Sec. 6011. tJ012. 6013. 6014. 6015. 6016. 6017. 6018. 6019. 6020. 6021. 6022. 6023. 6024. 6025. 6026. 6027. 6028. 6029. 6030. 6081. 6032. 6033. 6034.

Navy Regulations. Additional regulations for Marine Corps. Enlisted grades and r a t i n g s: authority to establish. Enlisted members: authority for transfer between Marine Oorps and H o s pital Corps of the Navy. Women m e m b e r s: diity; qualifications; restrictions. Retired officers carried on Navy Register. Retired list for Reserve members entitled to retired pay. Naval officers: shore d u t y; limitations. Citizenship of officers of vessels. Marine Corps officers: detail to d u t y in Supply Department. Aviation duties: number of personnel assigned. Aviation t r a i n i n g facilities. Aviation designations: naval aviator. Aviation designations: naval aviation observer. Aviation designations: aviation pilot. Supply Corps officers: bonds. Medical Department: composition. Medical Service Corps: composition. Dental services: responsibilities of senior dental officer. Nurse Corps officers: authority. C h a p l a i n s; divine services. Indebtedness to Marine Corps E x c h a n g e s: payment from appropriated funds in certain cases. Woman m e m b e r: definition of dependents. Regulations for retired pay based on service in the Reserve.

§ 6011. Navy Regulations United States Navy Kegulations shall be issued by the Secretary of the Navy with the approval of the President. §6012. Additional regulations for Marine Corps The President may prescribe military regulations for the discipline of the Marine Corps. §6013. Enlisted grades and ratings: authority to establish The Secretary of the Navy may establish such enlisted grades and ratings as are necessary for the proper administration of the Navy and the Marine Corps. § 6014.

Enlisted members: authority for transfer between Marine Corps and Hospital Corps of the Navy Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy, enlisted members of the Marine Corps are eligible for transfer to the Hospital Corps of the Navy, and enlisted members of the Hospital Corps are eligible for transfer to the Marine Corps.

§6015. Women members: duty; qualifications; restrictions The Secretary of the Navy may prescribe the manner in which women officers appointed under section 5590 of this title, women warrant officers, and enlisted women members of the Regular Navy and the Regular Marine Corps shall be trained and qualified for military duty. The Secretary may prescribe the kind of military duty to which such women members may be assigned and the military authority which they may exercise. However, women may not be assigned 81913 O—56——28