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387 § 6157. Motor vehicles: transportation on permanent change of station Notwithstanding section 73c of title 5, when any member of the naval service is ordered to make a permanent change of station, one motor vehicle owned by him for his personal use may be transported to his new station on a Government-owned vessel. §6158.

Exemption from arrest for debt: enlisted members of Marine Corps Enlisted members of the Marine Corps, while on active duty, are exempt from personal arrest for debt or contract. CHAPTER 563.—HOSPITALIZATION A N D MEDICAL CARE i»ec. fluJOl. Members of the naval service in other United States hospitals. i>202. Insane members of the naral service. 6203. Emergency medical treatment: reimbursement for expense.

§ 6201. Members of the naval service in other United States hospitals (a) When appropriate naval hospital facilities are unavailable, the Secretary of the Navy may provide for the care and treatment of members of the naval service, entitled to treatment in naval hospitals, in other United States hospitals, if the agencies controlling the other hospitals consent. Expenses incident to such care and treatment are chargeable to the same appropriation as would be chargeable for care and treatment in a naval hospital. (b) The deduction authorized by section 16 of title 24 shall be made from accounts of members hospitalized under this section. (c) Each member of the Fleet Reserve or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve and each retired enlisted member of the naval service is entitled to a ration allowance equal in value to the hospital ration for each day he is hospitalized under this section. § 6202. Insane members of the naval service A member of the naval service who becomes insane may be placed in the hospital for the insane that, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Navy, is most convenient and will provide the most beneficial treatment. § 6203.

Emergency medical t r e a t m e n t: reimbursement for expense The Secretary of the Navy shall prescribe regulations for reimbursing members of the naval service for expenses of emergency or necessary medical service, including hospitalization and medicines, when the member was in a duty status at the time he received the service and the service was not available from a Federal source. For the purpose of this section, a member on leave or liberty is in a duty status.