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426 (f) The appointment of each officer on the active list of the Navy or on the active list of the Marine Corps appointed under this section who does not apply for retention under this section shall be terminated not later than the third anniversary of the acceptance of his appointment. (g) Upon the termination of his appointment under subsection (e) or (f), a person may be appointed a lieutenant (junior grade) in the line or in a staff corps of the Naval Reserve or a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserve, as appropriate, with a date of rank three years after the date of rank of his original commission. § 6910. Payment of expenses The Secretary of the Navy may provide for the payment of all expenses of administering sections 6901 through 6909 of this title, including tuition, fees, books, and laboratory expenses. §6911. Aviation cadets: grade; procurement; transfer (a) The grade of aviation cadet is a special enlisted grade in the Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve. Under such regulations as the Secretary of the Navy prescribes, male citizens in civil life may be enlisted in, and male enlisted members of the Naval Reserve and the Marine Corps Reserve may be transferred to, the grade of aviation cadet. (b) Except in time of war or emergency declared by Congress, at least 20 percent of the aviation cadets procured in each fiscal year shall be procured from qualified enlisted members of the Regular Navy and the Regular Marine Corps who, with their consent, are discharged for the purpose of enlisting as aviation cadets. (c) No person may be enlisted in or transferred to the grade of aviation cadet unless he agrees in writing, with the consent of his parent or guardian if he is a minor, to serve on active duty for a continuous period of not more than four years, unless sooner released. (d) Under such regulations as the Secretary prescribes, an aviation cadet may be transferred to another enlisted grade or rating in the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve, as appropriate, released from active duty, or discharged. § 6912. Aviation cadets: pay and allowances (a) While on active duty, an aviation cadet— (1) is entitled to pay at the rate of $109.20 a month, which includes extra pay for flying; (2) is entitled to the same allowance for subsistence as prescribed for officers; (3) shall be furnished quarters, medical care, and hospitalization: and (4) shall be issued uniforms, clothing, and equipment at Government expense. (b) While traveling under orders, an aviation cadet is entitled to transportation and other necessary expenses incident to travel, or cash in place thereof, on the same basis as other enlisted members. (c) Except as provided in subsection (a), aviation cadets or their beneficiaries are entitled to the same allowances, pensions, gratuities, and other benefits as are provided for enlisted members in pay grade E^.