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451 (b) The Secretary, to the extent he considers proper, may delegate the authority conferred by this section to any person in the Department of the Navy, with or without the authority to make successive redelegations. § 7302. Construction on Pacific Coast The Department of the Navy shall have constructed on the Pacific Coast of the United States such vessels as the President determines necessary to maintain shipyard facilities there adequate to meet the requirements of national defense. § 7303. Model Basin; investigation of hull designs (a) The Bureau of Ships shall conduct at the David W. Taylor Model Basin, Carderock, Maryland, investigations to determine the most suitable shapes and forms for United States vessels and aircraft and investigations of other problems of their design. (b) The Secretary of the Navy may authorize experiments to be made at the Model Basin for private persons. The costs of experiments made for private persons shall be paid by those persons under regulations prescribed by the Secretary. The results of private experiments are confidential and may not be divulged without the consent of the persons for whom they are made. However, the data obtained from such experiments may be used by the Secretary for governmental purposes, subject to the patent laws of the United States. § 7304. Examination by board; unfit vessel stricken from Naval Vessel Register (a) The Secretary of the Navy shall designate boards of naval officers to examine vessels of the Navy. Each vessel shall be examined by a board at least once every three years, if practicable. (b) When a board, in conducting an examination under this section, finds that any vessel is unfit for service or that an unfinished vessel in any naval shipyard cannot be finished without disproportionate expense, it shall submit a written report to the Secretary stating fully the reasons for its opinion. If the Secretary concurs, he shall strike the name of that vessel from the Naval Vessel Register. § 7305. Sale of vessel stricken from Naval Vessel Register (a) This section does not apply to a vessel the disposal of which is authorized by the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended (40 U.S.C. 471 et seq.), if it is to be disposed of under that Act. (b) The Secretary of the Navy shall appraise each vessel stricken from the Naval Vessel Register under section 7304 of this title. If he considers that the sale of the vessel is in the best interest of the United States, he shall advertise it for sale. (c) The advertisement shall ask for sealed bids for the purchase of the vessel and shall be published for at least three months in newspapers used by the Department of the Navy for other advertisements. I t shall— (1) state the name, location, and appraised value of the vessel to be sold;