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457 meteorological information received by the Weather Bureau that is necessary for, and of the character used in, the preparation of pilot charts. § 7394. Price of maps, charts, and nautical books All maps, charts, and other publications issued by the Hydrographic Office, furnished to navigators, shall be paid for at the cost to the United States of the paper and printing. Money received from the sales shall be covered into the Treasury. § 7395. Naval Observatory: administration (a) The Naval Observatory shall be attached to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. (b) The Superintendent of the Naval Observatory shall be detailed from officers in the line of the Navy serving in the grade of captain or above. (c) The Secretary of the Navy may detail any officer of the Navy, competent for that duty, to supervise the Nautical Almanac. §7396.

Naval Observatory: exchange of information with foreign offices (a) The Secretary of the Navy may arrange to exchange data with foreign almanac offices to reduce the duplication of work in preparing the different national nautical and astronomical almanacs and make available for publication in the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac a larger amount of data useful to navigators and astronomers. Each such arrangement shall be made terminable on one year's notice. (b) The work of the Nautical Almanac Office shall be so conducted that in an emergency the part of the work intended for the use of navigators may be computed by the force of the office without foreign cooperation.

CHAPTER 641.—NAVAL PETROLEUM RESERVES Sec. 7421. 7422. 7423. 7424. 7425. 7426. 7427. 7428. 7429. 7430. 7431. 7432. 7433. 7434. 7435. 7436. 7437. 7438.

Jurisdiction and control. Administration. Periodic re-examination of production requirements, Protection of oil reserves; contracts for conservation. Acquisition by condemnation and purchase. Cooperative or unit plans affecting naval petroleum reserve numbered 1. Cooperative or unit plans in the naval petroleum reserves. Agreement and leases: provision for change. Re-lease of certain lands: lessee's preferential right. Disposition of products. Requirements as to consultation and approval. Expenditures: appropriations chargeable. Disposition of royalties. Quarterly reports to Armed Services Committees. Foreign interest. Regulations. Violations by lessee. Exclusion of naval oil-shale reserves.

§7421. Jurisdiction and control (a) The Secretary of the Navy shall take possession of all properties inside the naval petroleum reserves that are or may become subject to the control of and use by the United States for naval purposes.