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461 §7432. Expenditures: appropriations chargeable (a) Expenses incurred by the Secretary of the Navy in exploring, prospecting, conserving, developing, using, and operating lands owned or controlled by the United States in the naval petroleum reserves, and in producing petroleum, and the share of the United States of expenses incurred under any contract entered into under this chapter, shall be paid from appropriations made available for those purposes. (b) Expenditures necessary to carry out this chapter shall be made under the direction of the President, who shall submit estimates for these expenditures as prescribed by law. § 7433. Disposition of royalties (a) Any oil, gas, gasoline, or other hydrocarbon substance accruing to the United States as royalty from any lease under this chapter shall be delivered to the United States, or shall be paid for in money, as the Secretary of the Navy elects. (b) Money paid to the United States for petroleum products under this chapter shall be covered into the Treasury. § 7434. Q u a r t e r l y report s to Armed Services Committees Within 30 days after the close of each quarter, the Secretary of the Navy shall report to the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and the Plouse of Representatives the production from the naval petroleum reserves during the preceding quarter. § 7435. Foreign interest (a) If the laws, customs, or regulations of any foreign country deny the privilege of leasing public lands to citizens or corporations of the United States, citizens of that foreign country, or corporations controlled by citizens of that country, may not, by contract made after July 1, 1937, or by stock ownership, holding, or control, acquire or own any interest in, or right to any benefit from, any lease of land in the naval petroleum or other naval fuel reserves made under sections 181-184, 185-188, 189-194, 201, 202-209, 211-214, 223, 224^226, 226d, 226e, 227-229a, 241, 251 and 261-263 of title 30, or under this chapter. (b) The Secretary of the Navy may cancel any lease for any violation of this section. § 7436. Regulations (a) The Secretary of the Navy, subject to approval by the President, may prescribe regulations and take any proper action to accomplish the purposes of this chapter. (b) All statements, reports, and representations required by the regulations shall be under oath, unless otherwise specified, and in such form as the Secretary requires. §7437. Violations by lessee. fa) If a lessee fails to comply with any provision of this chapter, of his lease, or of regulations issued under section 7436 of this title that are in force on the date of his lease, the lease may be forfeited and cancelled by an appropriate proceeding in the United States district court for the district in which any part of the property is located.