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637 (A) while on active duty for a period of more than 30 days, if the death is caused by disease; or (B) while on active duty or inactive duty-training, for any period, if the death is caused by injury. The death gratuity shall be equal to six months' pay at the rate to which the member was entitled on the date of his death. (b) The amount payable under subsection (a) shall be paid, immediately upon receipt of official notification of the death of the member, to the living person highest on the following list: (1) The surviving spouse. (2) His child or children, except a married child or an unmarried child over 21 years of age who was not a dependent of the deceased member. (3) Any other dependent relative designated by the deceased member. (4) Any dependent grandchild, parent, brother, sister, or grandparent of the deceased member whom the Secretary of the Air Force determines to have been dependent upon the deceased member. (c) If a beneficiary dies before he receives the death gratuity, it shall be paid to the living beneficiary next in the order set forth in subsection (b). (d) The determination of the Secretary as to dependency under subsection (b)(4) is conclusive upon the General Accounting Office. (e) The Secretary shall, by regulation, require each member of the Air Force having no wife or eligible child to designate the dependent relative to whom the death gratuity shall be paid upon his death. (f) Payments under subsection (a)(1) shall be made from funds appropriated for the pay of the Air Force. § 8689. Assignments and allotments of pay (a) Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of the Air Force, a commissioned officer of the Air Force may transfer or assign his pay account, when due and payable. (b) A contract surgeon or contract dental surgeon, on duty in Alaska, Hawaii, the Philippine Islands, or Puerto Kico, may transfer or assign his pay account, when due and payable, under the regulations prescribed under subsection (a). (c) No assignment of pay by an enlisted member of the Air Force is valid. (d) The Secretary may allow any— (1) member of the Air Force; (2) contract surgeon; or (3) permanent civilian employee of the Department of the Air Force on duty outside the United States; to make allotments from his pay for the support of any of his relatives or for any other purpose that the Secretary considers proper. I f an allotment made under this subsection is paid to the allottee before the disbursing officer receives a notice of discontinuance from the officer required by regulation to furnish the notice, the amount of the allotment shall be credited to the disbursing officer. I f an allotment is erroneously paid because the officer required by regulation to so report failed to report the death of the allotter or any other fact that makes the allotment not payable, the amount of the payment not re-