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539 (2) he is called or ordered to active duty, or to perform inactive-duty training, for any period of time, and is disabled in line of duty from injury while so employed. § 8722. Members of A. F. R. O. T. C. and C. A. T. C.; members of Air Force not covered by section 8721 of this title (a) Under such regulations as the President may prescribe, the following persons are entitled to the benefits of subsection (b): (1) Each Keserve of the Air Force, and each officer who Has no regular or reserve appointment, and who is injured, or contracts a disease, in line of duty while on active duty in time of peace. (2) Each member of the Air Force Reserve who is injured in line of duty while not on active duty and while voluntarily participating in an aerial flight in a Government-owned aircraft under proper authority and as an incident of training. (3) Each member of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps, or person attending a Citizens' Air Training Camp, who is injured, or contracts a disease in line of duty while traveling to or from, or while attending, a training camp under section 9385 or 9411 of this title. (b) So far as any benefit named in this subsection is not provided for him under section 8721 of this title, any person named in subsection (a) is entitled to— (1) the hospitalization, rehospitalization, and medical and surgical care in a hospital and at his home appropriate for the treatment of his injury or disease until the resulting disability cannot be materially improved by further hospitalization or treatment; (2) the basic pay and allowances, whether in money or in kind, to which he was entitled at the time when the injury was incurred or the disease contracted, during the period of his hospitalization or rehospitalization, but not for more than a total of six months after the end of his prescribed tour of duty or training; (3) subsistence during hospitalization or rehospitalization when he is not entitled to basic pay and allowances under clause (2); and (4) necessary transportation incident to his hospitalization, rehospitalization, and return to his home when he is discharged from a hospital. § 8723. When Secretary may require The Secretary of the Air Force may order the hospitalization, medical and surgical treatment, and domiciliary care for as long as necessary, of any member of the Air Force on active duty, and may incur obligations with respect thereto, whether or not the member was injured, or contracted a disease, in line of duty, except in the case of a member treated in a private hospital, or by a civilian physician, while on leave of absence for more than 24 hours.