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(B) an educational institution having a regular course of military instruction, and having a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps as instructor in military science and tactics. (2) The uniform prescribed by a military society composed of persons discharged honorably or under honorable conditions from the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps to be worn by a member of that society when authorized by regulations prescribed by the President, (b) A uniform prescribed under subsection (a) may not include insignia of grade the same as, or similar to, those prescribed for officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps. § 774. Applicability of chapter This chapter applies in the United States, the Territories, Commonwealths, and possessions, and all other places under its jurisdiction. CHAPTER 47.—UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE SUBCHAPTER

I. General Provisions II. Apprehension and Restraint III. Non-Judicial Punishment IV. Court-Martial Jurisdiction V. Composition of Courts-Martial VI. Pre-Trial Procedure VII. Trial Procedure VIII. Sentences IX. Review of Courts-Martial X. Punitive Articles XI. Miscellaneous Provisions



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Definitions. I'ersons subject to this chapter. Jurisdiction to try certain personnel. Dismissed officer's right to trial by court-martial. Territorial applicability of this chapter. JuUj;e advocates and legal officers.

§ 801. Article 1. Definitions I n this chapter: (1) "Judge Advocate General" means, severally, the Judge Advocates General of the Army, Navy, and Air Force and, except when the Coast Guard is operating as a service in the Navy, the General Counsel of the Department of the Treasury. (2) The Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard when it is operating as a service in the Navy, shall be considered as one armed force. (3) "Commanding officer" includes only commissioned officers. (4) "Officer in charge" means a member of the Navy, the Marine Corps, or the Coast Guard designated as such by appropriate authority. (5) "Superior commissioned officer" means a commissioned officer superior in rank or command.