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[74 Stat. 79]
[74 Stat. 79]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



Page Page Banks and Banking—Continued Purchase of United States obligations from Treasury Department, authority of Bamboo Pipe Stems, duty-free importaFederal Reserve Banks e x t e n d e d. 295 tion 1054 Savings and loan holding companies, Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, funds continuation of certain regulations for effecting provisions 240, 241 concerning 883 Bankruptcy, concealment of assets, acT r u s t I n d e n t u r e Act of 1939, amendcountability 753 ment, filing of applications for exBankruptcy Act, Amendments: emption under, time extension 902 Claims, statement filed under oath, elimination of requirement 217 Bardwell Reservoir on Waxahachie Creek, Trinity River Basin, Tex., construcCreditors' meeting, notices sent by distion authorized 12 trict courts 466 Discharge, debts not affected by 409 Barrelheads of Softwood, suspension of duties 361 False financial statements, limitation of use. 408 Petition, fees for filing 198 Barro Colorado Island, C.Z., appropriation for laboratory facilities 117 Review of orders of referees, filing t i m e. 528 Trustees, closing fees, increase 198 Battle Monuments Commission, American: Banks and Banking: Appropriation for 475 Cooperatives, Central Bank for, inPersonnel assigned to, reimbursement of creased n u m b e r of directors 197 other Government agencies for 476 E x p o r t - I m p o r t Bank of Washington, Bauxite, suspension of d u t y, extension 81 funds available under Agricultural Beach Erosion Board, appropriation for__ 745 Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954 781 Beach Erosion Control: Appropriation for 743 Federal Deposit Insurance Act, amendments— Projects authorized; surveys 483-488 Assessments, simplification of m e t h Beer, extension of excise tax rate 290 ods 546 Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site, Colo., establishment 155 Call reports and assessment computations 547, 651 Bicycle Tires and Tubes, removal of excise Federal approval for b a n k m e r g e r s. 129 tax when used in production of new Federal H o m e Loan Bank Act, amendbicycles 38 ment, Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 Blind: Federal H o m e Loan Bank Board, adAmerican Printing House for the Blind, ministrative and examination exappropriation for 771 penses, funds available for, limiBooks, Library of Congress, appropriatation 441 tion for 459 Federal Reserve Banks, services and G r a n t s to States for aid to, appropriafacilities, payment 441, 442, 444 tion for 770 Federal savings and loan associations, Neurology and blindness activities, enforcement of regulations, use of appropriation for 768 State plans for aid; monthly exemptions, certified mail 200 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance increase 995, 997 Corporation— Blue Star Mothers of America, incorporadministrative expenses, funds availtion 515 able for; limitation 442 Bonneville Power Administration, approServing of process, use of certified priation for 47, 749 mail 200 Botanic Garden, appropriation for 457 H o m e Owners' Loan Act of 1933, Boundary Commission, United States and amendments— Canada, International, appropriation Federal savings and loan associations, for 559 enforcement of regulations, use Bridges: of certified mail 200 Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Hawaii Omnibus Act 411 Authority, authorization for comInvestment Advisers Act of 1940. See bination of projects for financing separate title. purposes 879 National banks, issuance of stock; San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, use merger or consolidation, use of of tolls collected for construction of certified mail 200 rail transit crossing 5 B