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[74 Stat. 89]
[74 Stat. 89]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

SUBJECT INDEX Contracts with United States—Continued Fishing vessels, construction subsidies authorized Historical and archeological salvage performed in advance of construction of d a m s Military construction, restriction Military d e part m e n t s, semiannual report s to Congress on contracts awarded National Capital Transportation Agency, performance of functions. N o r m a n Federal reclamation project, Okla., municipal water supply Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act, negotiations under. - Vocational or under g r a d u a t e college program for members of Menominee Indian Tribe, Wis., continuance Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands, expenditures, reimbursement Copper, suspension of duties, nonapplicability Copyright Office, appropriation for Copyrights: Austria, extension of certain provisions to, proclamation respecting Infringement by United States Government, permission for action against United States in Court of C l a i m s. Royalites, personal holding company income, exclusion from taxation Coronado National Memorial, Ariz., b o u n d a r y revision Cosmetics, use of color additives Cotton: National m a r k e t i n g quota for 1961 Price predictions, restriction on use of funds for Sampling for classification, penalties for offenses Statistics and estimates, use of certified mail Typewriter-ribbon cloth, modification of trade agreement concessions Coulee Dam, Wash., appropriation for city Council of Economic Advisers, appropriation for Court of Military Appeals, appropriation for Courts, United States. See also Justice, Department of. Actions affecting property on which United States has lien, use of certified mail Administrative Office— Appropriation for


Page Page Courts, United States—Continued Administrative Office—Continued District of Columbia Legal Aid 212 Agency, report to 231 Appeals, Courts of— 221 Appropriation for 48, 566 465 Record on review and enforcement of agency orders 255 Washington Metropolitan Area 184 Transit Regulation Compact, judicial review 1046 542 Appropriation Acts— Judiciary, 1961 565 225 Second Supplemental, 1960 48 Automobile for Chief Justice, appropria849 tion for 565 Certified mail, receipts accepted in courts as prima facie evidence of delivery 204 868 Civil Rights Act of 1960 86 Claims, Court of— 105 Appropriation for 560 Copyright infringement by United 361 States Government, provision for 458 suit in 855 J u d g m e n t s against United States rendered by, appropriation for c69 payment 52, 830 Transfer of certain jurisdictional cases to District Courts 912 855 Commissioners, appropriation for fees. 48, 567 Construction projects, appropriation 77 for 431 Customs and P a t e n t Appeals, Court of, 736 appropriation for 565 397 Customs Court, appropriation for 566 295 District Courts— Admiralty cases, clarification of juris244 diction in certain cases 912 Alaska, jurisdiction, technical amend328 ment 417 Appropriation for 48, 566 200 B a n k r u p t c y proceedings, notices sent of creditors meeting 466 c85 Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act, enforcement, juris47 diction 378 Ford City, Pa., settlement of claim 474 for damage to its sewer system, jurisdiction 252 345 Hawaii, jurisdiction— P a l m y r a Island 424 Technical amendment 416 Helium Act Amendments of 1960, enforcement, jurisdiction 923 201 International Development Association, jurisdiction 294 567 Judges, appropriation for 566