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[74 Stat. 149]
[74 Stat. 149]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


SUBJECT INDEX Veterans Administration—Continued Page Guaranteed and direct loan program— Continued Extension 531 Loan guaranty revolving fund, establishment 533 Hawaii Omnibus Act 418 Hospitals and domiciliary facilities construction, etc., appropriation for... 439 Medical administration and miscellaneous operating expenses, appropriation for 438 Medicine and Surgery, Department of— Dental Service, salary increase for certain employees 300, 301 Medical Service, salary increase for certain employees 300, 301 Nursing Service, salary increase for certain employees 300, 301 Naval aviation students, death benefits granted 162 Public relations work, restriction on use of funds for 438 Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration. 438 Supply depots, appropriation for 439 Veterans' Benefits Calculator, printing of additional copies B5 Veterans Day, 1959, proclamation ell Veterans Day, 1960, proclamation c91 Veterans of Foreign Wars, tax exemption of certain property in District of Columbia 68 Veterans' Remployment Rights, Bureau of, appropriation for 756 Vice President of the United States. See also President of the Senate under Senate. Appropriation for compensation, expense allowance, etc 446 Virgin Islands: Administration, appropriation for 112 General Services Administration, purchases through 112 Limitation on reduction in income tax liability 998 Medical services for the aged, increase in limitation on assistance payments 992 Motorboat Act of 1940, amendment, safety regulations applicable to 10 Virgin Islands Corporation: Appropriation for 118 S t. T h o m a s, s a l t w a t e r distillation facilities, authorization 119 Virginia: John H. Kerr Reservoir, adjustment of rentals under leases providing for commercial recreational facilities-818

Virginia—Continued Pa&e National Capital Transportation Act of 1960 537 Norfolk, transfer of Fleet Landing Site from Defense Department to Commerce Department 94 Old-age, survivors, and disability insurance, coverage for policemen and firemen 929 Potomac interceptor, lands purchased for construction of sewage facilities for Dulles International Airport 211 Shenandoah National Park, land exchange 915 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact 1031 Vocational Education: Menominee Indian Tribe, Wis., continuance of program 868 Smith-Hughes Vocational Education Act, amendments, Hawaii Omnibus Act 413, 414 Vocational Education Act of 1946: Amendment, Hawaii Omnibus Act 414 Funds for effecting provisions 761 Vocational Rehabilitation: International Health Research Act of 1960, research and training activities under 365 Veterans of World War II, extension in certain cases 820 Vocational Rehabilitation Act: Amendments, Hawaii Omnibus Act 416, 417, 423, 424 Funds for effecting provisions 763 W Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor, appropriation for 759 Wake Island, civil administration of; persons to be designated by President424 War Benefits, Civilian, continuation of payments under Federal Security Agency Appropriation Act, 1947 759 War Between the States, death of Isbst surviving veteran, display of United States flag, proclamation c35 War Claims Act of 1948: Funds for effecting provisions 759 Use of funds created under 476 Washington: Century 21 Exposition, Seattle, commemoration 741 Coulee Dam, appropriation for city 47, 747 Mount Rainier National Park, headquarters site 219 Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, reconveyance of lands 85