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[74 Stat. 260]
[74 Stat. 260]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-555-JUNE 30, 1960

Registration U. S. pilots.


Documentary evidence.

Validity o f registration.

Equitable participation, U. S. Canada.

Pools, tions.


[74 ST A T.

by Canada to serve on registered vessels of the United States and foreign vesels in United States waters of the Great Lakes shall be in effect only so long as Canada extends reciprocity to United States registered pilots or to other officers licensed by the United States, in regard to requirements established for the pilotage of Canadian waters of the Great Lakes. SEC. 4. (a) The registration of United States pilots shall be carried out by the Secretary under such regulations as to qualifications, terms, and conditions which will assure adequate and efficient pilotage serv' ice, provide for equitable participation of United States registered pilots with Canadian registered pilots in the pilotage of vessels to which this Act applies, and provide fair and reasonable opportunity for registration. Each applicant must, as a prerequisite, be the holder of an appropriate master's license as described in section 2(c). In addition, the qualifications, terms, and conditions to be met by each applicant shall include, but not be limited to, availability for service when required and agreement to comply with all applicable regulations issued by the Secretary pursuant to this Act. Such qualifications, terms, and conditions shall not include matters relating to a pilot's professional competency nor be inconsistent with his duties under the license issued to him by the Coast Guard, which matters shall remain the responsibility of the Coast Guard. (b) The Secretary shall issue documentary evidence of registration to United States registered pilots and such evidence shall be in their possession at all times when in the service of a vessel. Further, this evidence of registration shall describe the part or parts of the Great Lakes within which the holder is authorized to perform pilotage under this Act and such description shall not be inconsistent with the terms of the pilotage authorization in his license. (c) The Secretary shall establish by regulation the period of validity of registration of United States registered pilots. When the Secretary determines on the record, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, that a United States registered pilot has violated any regulation pursuant to this Act, he may revoke or suspend the registration of such pilot. The basis for such revocation or suspension of a pilot's registration shall not extend to or include matters which may be the basis for revocation or suspension of his license by the Coast Guard under section 4450, Revised Statutes, as amended (46 U.S.C. 239), or under any other law or regulation administered or prescribed by the Coast Guard, except that upon revocation or suspension by the Coast Guard the Secretary shall revoke or suspend the pilot's registration. The Secretary shall advise the Coast Guard of the name and Coast Guard license number of each pilot who has been registered or whose registration has been revoked or suspended. The Coast Guard shall advise the Secretary of the name of any registered pilot whose licence has been revoked or suspended. (d) The Secretary is authorized to enter into arrangements with an appropriate agency of Canada for equitable participation by United States registered pilots with Canadian registered pilots in the pilotage services required by both countries for vessels navigating the Great Lakes. To that end, the Secretary is further authorized to arrange with an appropriate agency of Canada for the number of pilots who shall be registered in each country. (e) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, the Secretary may authorize the formation of a pool or pools by a voluntary association or associations of United States registered pilots to provide such arrangements and facilities as may be necessary or desirable for