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[74 Stat. 367]
[74 Stat. 367]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 86-610-JULY 12, 1960


United States, (2) enter into agreements to use foreign currencies and credits available to other nations for use with the agreement of the United States, and (3) use any other foreign currencies and credits which may be made available by participating foreign countries. (b) To carry out the purposes of section 2 of this joint resolution the President, in cooperation with participating foreign countries, is authorized to encourage, support, and promote the planning and conduct of, and training for, research investigations, experiments, and studies in the United States and in participating foreign countries relating to the causes, diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of diseases and impairments of mankind (including nutritional and other health deficiencies) or to the rehabilitation of the handicapped. (c) To carry out his responsibilities under this joint resolution the President may— (1) establish and maintain fellowships in participating foreign countries; (2) make financial grants to establish and maintain fellowships, and for other purposes, to public institutions and agencies and to nonprofit private institutions and agencies, and to individuals in participating foreign countries, or contract with such institutions, agencies, or individuals without regard to sections 3648 and 3709 of the Revised Statutes of the United States; us^c sV^^ " ^ ' ^^ (3) make grants or loans of equipment, medical, biological, physical, or chemical substances or other materials, for use by such institutions, agencies, or individuals; (4) furnish technical assistance and advice to such institutions or agencies and in carrying out such purposes may pay the compensation and expenses of scientists and experts from the United States and other participating foreign countries; (5) facilitate the interchange among participating foreign countries of scientists and experts (including the payment of travel and subsistence for such scientists and experts when away from their places of residence); (6) cooperate and assist in the planning and conduct of research, research planning, and research training programs and projects by groups engaged in, or concerned with, research or research training endeavors in the health sciences, and, through financial grants or other appropriate means, assist in special research, research planning, or research training projects conducted by or under the auspices of such groups where they can effectively carry out such activities contemplated by this joint resolution; (7) encourage and support international communication in the sciences relating to health by means of calling or cooperating in the convening, and financing or contributing to the financing of the expenses of, international scientific meetings and conferences; and provide, or arrange for the provision of, translating and other services, and issue or finance publications, leading to a more effective dissemination of relevant scientific information with respect to research conducted in the United States or participating foreign countries.