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[74 Stat. 594]
[74 Stat. 594]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

construction of buildings, or leasing of space, do not apply to any of the functions performed by the Postmaster General m effectuating the purposes of sections 2103-2116 of this title, except as provided by sections 2111 and 2112 of this title. § 2115. Purpose Sections 2103-2116 of this title supplement other provisions of law for the leasing of space for postal purposes by providing authorization for the acquisition by the Postmaster General of space through the execution of lease-purchase and other agreements under which the United States will obtain immediate use of the space and will make periodic payments, and in the case of lease-purchase agreements will obtain title to the property described therein at or prior to the end of the term prescribed therein. Sections 2104-2108 of this title do not constitute a substitute for or a replacement of any program for the construction by the United States of such structures as may be required from time to time by the postal service. § 2116. Annual report The Postmaster General shall include in his annual report an account of transactions conducted during the applicable year pursuant to the provisions of sections 2103-2105 of this title.

CHAPTER 25—FUNDS AND ACCOUNTING GENERAL Sec. 2201. 2202. 2203. 22U4. 2205. 2206. 2207. 2:i08. 2209. 2210. 2211. 2212.

Appropriation for the Department. Post Office Department fund. Reimbursement of appropriations. Cbaiges against postal revenues. Date of orders, entries, contracts. Audit by General Accounting Office. Administrative accounting. System of accounting and control. Responsibility of postmasters. Withholding compensation of postmasters. Administrative examination of accounts. Continuance of disbursing officer's accounts and issuance of checks. POSTAL MODERNIZATION FUND

2231. 2232. 2233. 2234.

Establishment of fund. Appropriations to fund. Expenditures from fund. Management of fund.

§ 2201. Appropriation for the Department C o n f e s s shall appropriate the revenue of the Department, not otherwise obligated by law, to the extent necessary for the operation of the Department. § 2202. Post Office Department fund (a) The Secretary of the Treasury shall maintain a revolving fund, known as the Post Office Department fund. H e shall deposit in the fund, subject to withdrawal by check by the Postmaster General— (1) amounts requisitioned by the Postmaster General against appropriations available to the Department out of the general fund of the Treasury; and (2) amounts from the revenue of the Department, including any excess of funds accrued because of money orders remaining unpaid, that the Postmaster General may pay into the fund. (b) The Postmaster General may, within limits of appropriations and subject to provisions of appropriation or other laws limiting expenditures or authorizing appropriations, use the funds of the