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[74 Stat. 605]
[74 Stat. 605]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

§ 2408. Suits to recover wrongful or fraudulent payments The Postmaster General shall request the Attorney General to bring a suit to recover with interest any payment made from moneys of, or credit granted by, the Department or postal savings system as a result of— (1) mistake; (2) fraudulent representations; (3) collusion; or (4) misconduct of an officer or employee of the Department. § 2409. Settlement of claims for damages caused by Post Office Department and services When the Postmaster General finds a claim for damage to persons or property resulting from the operation of the Department to be a proper charge against the United States, and it is not cognizable under section 2672 of title 28, he may adjust and settle it in an amount not ^2 Stat. 933. exceeding $500. § 2410. Delivery of stolen money to owner When the Postmaster General is satisfied that money or property in the possession of the Department represents money or property stolen from the mails, or the proceeds thereof, he may deliver it to the person he finds to be the rightful owner. § 2411. Substitute checks (a) The Postmaster General may authorize the issuance of a substitute check for a lost, stolen or destroyed check of the Department. Substitute checks shall— be marked "Duplicate"; show the number, date, and payee of the ori^nal. (b) The Postmaster General may authorize the issuance of the substitute check (1) upon the execution of a bond agreeable to the Postmaster General by the owner, or (2) without bond, upon the affidavit of the payee or owner of the original check when the Postmaster General is satisfied that the loss, theft or destruction occurred without the fault of the owner or holder or while the check was in the custody or control of the Department or in the mails. (c) Subsections (a), (b), (c) and (d) of section 528 of title 31 do not apply to checks of the Department.



2501. 2502. 2.'i03. 2504. 2505. 2506. 2507. 2508. 2509. 2510.

Postage stamps. Double postal cards, letter-sheet envelopes, double-letter envelopes. Postal cards and stamped envelopes. Improvements in stamps and envelopes. Sale of postage due stamps. Printing of black-and-white illustrations of United States stamps. Stamps to be defaced. Permits for special canceling of postmarking dies. Special cancellation "Pray for peace". Printing on stamped envelopes.

§ 2501. Postage stamps The Postmaster General may issue appropriate stamps in such denomination, form and design, and at such times as he deems necessary, for use in payment of postage or fees for special services. He shall issue postage due stamps of special design and in the denomination he deems necessary to be affixed to short paid mail. Postage due stamps shall be canceled as other postage stamps.