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[74 Stat. 619]
[74 Stat. 619]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960


(iii) Operates electric fork-lift trucks, (iv) Rewraps soiled or broken parcels, (v) Performs other miscellaneous duties, such as stamping tickets, weighing incoming sacks, cleaning and sweeping in workrooms, offices, and trucks where such work is not performed by regular cleaners. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Reports to a foreman or

other designated supervisor. (e) GARAGEMAN. (KP-9) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Performs a variety of routine services in-

cidental to the proper maintenance of motor vehicles. (2) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.—

(A) Lubricates trucks in accordance with lubrication charts and type of truck. (B) Changes crankcase oil and filter cleaners and cleans case in conformance with instructions and vehicle mileage. (C) Changes tires and makes necessary repairs. (D) Washes and steam-cleans trucks. (E) Assists automotive mechanics. (F) Fuels and oils trucks. (G) Cleans garage, garage office, swing room, and washroom, as assigned. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Reports to a foreman


mechanics or other designated supervisor. § 3515. Positions in salary level 4 (a) MOTOR VEHICLE OPERATOR. (KP-10) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Operates a mail truck on a regularly scheduled route to pick up and transport mail in bulk. (2) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES.—

(A) Picks up and delivers bulk quantities of mail at stations, branch offices, and terminal points; as required, picks up mail from collection boxes and deposits mail in relay boxes. (B) Operates truck in conformity with time schedules and rules of safety, and in accordance with instructions regarding the route for which responsible. (C) Ascertains the condition of the truck prior to leaving and upon returning to the garage; reports all accidents, mechanical defects noted, and mechanical failures while on route. (D) I n addition, may perform any of the following duties: (i) Drives a tractor and semitrailer on occasion, unloading bagged mail and packages at post offices and picking up man for delivery to a central point. (ii) Prepares daily trip reports showing work performed. (iii) Makes minor mechanical repairs to truck in emergencies while on route. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Reports to a superintendent

of motor vehicles or other designated supervisor. (b) CITY OR SPECIAL CARRIER OR SPECIAL DELIVERY MESSENGER. (KP-11) (1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Is responsible for the prompt and efficient

delivery and collection of mail on foot or by vehicle under varying conditions in a prescribed area within a city. As a representative of the postal service, maintains pleasant and effective public relations with route patrons and others, requiring a general familiarity with postal laws, regulations, and procedures commonly used, and with the geography of the city.