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[74 Stat. 632]
[74 Stat. 632]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

(3) ORGANIZATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS.—Administratively responsi-

ble to an assistant superintendent of mails or other designated superior. Directs, through general foremen, employees assigned to the tour. (b) POSTMASTER, FIRST CLASS OFFICE. (KP-31)

(1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Is responsible for all operations of a first class post office, including direction and supervision of mails, finance, personnel, and other related activities. This office has approximately iifty-three employees, annual receipts of $314,000, six Governmentowned vehicle units, no classified stations, and twenty-five city and rural delivery routes within its jurisdiction. (2)


(A) Organizes the post office to insure expeditious handling of mails and to provide courteous and efficient service to the patrons. (li) Maintains direct contact with the public on administrative matters and gives personal attention to complaints. (C) Appoints personnel to serve in the post office within the limits prescribed by Departmental and Civil Service Regulations; determines that personnel are carefully selected and adequately trained for their respective positions. (D) Directs the activities of all employees; supervises arrangement of working schedules of employees; recommends promotions of employees; and is responsible for the proper administration of the Efficiency Appraisal System. (E) Checks financial accountability of employees in accordance with existing instructions; makes daily deposits of accountable funds in local bank; obtains bids for proposed purchases; requisitions supplies. (F) Prepares annual estimates of manpower needs and operating allowances for submission as required. (G) Prepares numerous reports of a recurring nature, reflecting various transactions of the post office; submits postmaster's accounts with supporting vouchers and documents in accordance with existing instructions. (H) Advertises for bids for various services, including contract stations, vehicular service, mail messenger service, and vehicular maintenance service, and submits bids, with recommendations, as required. (I) Directs the maintenance of files for the office. (J) May personally handle window transactions and perform work elsewhere in the office as the workload requires. (3) ORGANIZATIONAL



sible to a district manager, § 3523. Positions in salary level 12 (a) POSTAL INSPECTOR.


(1) BASIC FUNCTION.—Is responsible in an assigned territory, usually including all classes of post offices, for inspection and investigative programs covering all phases of the postal service. I n heavily populated areas may be assigned a majority of the time to selected types of work as determined by the inspector-in-charge. (2)


(A) Inspects post offices and related postal units to insure compliance with postal laws and regulations, protection and proper expenditure of postal revenues and appropriated funds, and evaluates and reports to administrative officials on operational efficiency. (B) Maintains close working relationship with regional officials and submits to them factual information and recommenda-