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[74 Stat. 28]
[74 Stat. 28]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-412-APR. 8, 1960

[74 S T A T.

of Public Eoads, Department of Commerce: Provided further, That the Commissioners are hereby authorized to construct grade-crossing elimination and other wholly District construction projects or those 23 USC fo^9(e). authorizcd under section 8 of the Act of June 16, 1936 (49 Stat. 1521), 72 Stat. 885,888, aud section 1(b) of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1938, as amended, ^^23 USC 101(a), in accordance with the provisions of said Acts, and this appropriation 103(b). jjiay be used for payment to contractors and other expenses in connection with the expenses of surveys, design, construction, and inspection pending reimbursement to the District of Columbia by the Bureau of Public Roads, Department of Commerce, or other parties participating in such projects, reimbursement to be credited to the appropriation from which payment was made: Provided further, That the Commissioners are authorized to fix or alter the respective widths of sidewalks and roadways (including tree spaces and parking) of all highways that may be improved under appropriations for the District of Columbia: Provided further, That no appropriation in this Act for the District of Columbia shall be available for repairing, resurfacing, or paving any street, avenue, or roadway by private contract unless the specifications for such work shall be so prepared as to permit of fair and open competition: Provided further, That appropriations for the Department of Highways and Traffic of the District of Columbia shall be available for advance payments to Federal agencies for work to be performed, when ordered by the Commissioners, subject to subsequent adjustment: Provided further, That no part of any appropriation for the District of Columbia shall be expended for building, installing, and maintaining streetcar loading platforms and lights of any description employed to distinguish same, except that a permanent tj^pe of platform may be constructed from appropriations for street improvements when plans and locations thereof are approved by the Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Highways and Traffic and the street-railway company shall after construction maintain, mark, and light the same at its expense. CAPITAL OUTLAY, DEPARTMENT OF SANITARY ENGINEERING

For construction projects as authorized by the Act of April 22, D. c. code 43- 1904 (33 Stat. 244), the Act of May 18, 1954 (68 Stat. 105), and the •DIC. Cod; 9-226. -S^\ of June 6, 1958 (72 Stat. 183), including remodeling of " O " Street incinerator, including treatment of grounds; construction of sewers and extension of the District of Columbia water-distribution system; assessment and permit work; purchase or condemnation of lands and rights-of-way for construction, maintenance, and repair of sewers and water mains; continuing construction on aeration plant and secondary sedimentation tanks, reconstruction, enlargement, rehabilitation, major repair and replacement of grit removal, sludge digestion, heating and other existing equipment and facilities; rehabilitation and replacement of screening and flow control facilities at the main sewerage pumping station; laying water mains and sewers in advance of paving and installing fire and public hydrants; constructing trunk water mains; to remain available until expended, $12,900,000, of which $1,200,000 shall not become available for expenditure until July 1, 1961, and $4,720,000, shall be payable during the current fiscal year, ajid $2,100,000 shall bs payable after July 1, 1961, from the sanitary sewage works fund, and $1,171,000 shall be payable during the current fiscal year from the water fund: Provided, That $21,000 shall be available for the director of buildings and grounds and shall be advanced to the appropriation account "Construction services. Department of Buildings and Grounds": Provided further, That this appropriation