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[74 Stat. 666]
[74 Stat. 666]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.



4351. 43.52. 43f>3. 4354. 4355. 4356. 4357. 4358. 4359. 4360. 4361. 4362. 436.'). 4364. 4365. 4366. 4367. 4368. 4369. 4370.

Deflnitlan. Entry as second class mail. Entry of foreign publications. Conditions for entry of publications. Conditions for entry of publications of certain organizations. Conditions for entry of publications of State departments of agriculture. Fees for entry and registration. Postage rates within county of publication. Postage rates beyond county of publication. Minimum postage. Rates for proofs of advertisements. Transient postage rate. Separation by mailer of second class mail. Information to be furnished by mailer. Permissible marks and enclosures. Permissible supplements. Marking of advertising matter. Affidavits relating to mailings; second class mail. Affidavits relating to publications of the second class. Delivery of newspapers by postal transportation service. CONTROLLED CIRCULATION PUBLICATIONS

4421. Definition. 4422. Rates.

§ 4351. Definition Second class mail embraces newspapers and other periodical publications when entered and mailed in accordance with sections 4352-4357 of fhis title. § 4352. Entry a s second class mail (a) Upon application in the form prescribed by him the Postmaster General siinll enter as second class mail, at the Post Office where the office of publication is maintained, any publication which is entitled under sections 4353-4357 of this title to be classified as second class mail. A publication entered at one post office may also upon applical ion be entered by him at another post office. (b) The Postmaster General may revoke the entry of a publication as second class mail whenever he finds, after a hearing, that the publication is no longer entitled to be entered as second class mail. (c) The Postmaster General may not accept for mailing as second class mail any publication having more than 75 per centum advertising in more than one-half of its issues during any twelve-month period and he shall revoke its entry. A charge made solely for the publication of transportation schedules, fares, and related information is not considered as advertising under this subsection. § 4353. Entry of foreign publications Foreign newspapers and other periodicals of the same general charjic'tci- M domestic publications entered as second class mail may be S accepted by the Postmaster General, on application of the publishers theieof or their agents, for transmission through the mail at the same rates as if published in the United States. This section does not authorize the transmission through the mail of a publication which violates a copyright granted by the United States. § 4354. Conditions for entry of publications (a) Generally a mailable periodical publication is entitled to be entered and mailed as second class mail if it— (1) is regularly issued at stated intervals as frequently as four times a year and bears a date of issue and is numoered consecutively;