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[74 Stat. 679]
[74 Stat. 679]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

§ 5002. Registration of letters containing currency The Postmaster General shall accept for registration without prepayment of registry fee— (1) letters containing fractional or other currency sent for redemption to the Department of the Treasury; (2) letters sent from the District of Columbia, by the Department of the Treasury containing new currency for currency redeemed when marked with the word "register" over the official signature of the sending officer. § 5003. Registered official mail (a) An executive department or agency, independent establishment of the Government, or Government corporation, or the Public Printer, may register official domestic letter or parcel requiring registration without prepayment of the fees. (b) Matter requiring registration relating to naturalization or to the census, which is entitled to be sent without prepayment of postage, may be registered without prepayment of registry fee. § 5004. Reimbursement for matter mailed without payment of registry fees Executive departments and agencies, independent establishments of the Government and Government corporations concerned shall transfer to the Department as postal revenue out of appropriations or funds available to them, as a necessary expense of the appropriation or funds and of the activity concerned, the equivalent amount of registry fees, as determined by the Postmaster General, for matter sent in (he mails without prepayment of the fee, by or to them under authority of sections 5002 or 5003 of this title. § 5005. Declaration of full value of registered mail (a) Unless otherwise prescribed by the Postmaster General, the mailer shall declare the full value of registered mail, or insured mail treated as registered mail at the time of mailing. The Postmaster General may not pay a claim for indemnity if the value was knowingly and willfully misstated. (b) The Postmaster General may determine upon what part of the declared value in excess of the maximum indemnity covered by the fee paid, surcharges shall be based for registered mail, or insured mail treated as registered mail, which may be carried at less than the maximum risk of loss in the mails. § 5006. Insurance system The Postmaster General shall provide for the indemnification, by insurance or otherwise, not to exceed $200, for an article sent by third class or fourth class mail which is injured or lost in the mail. § 5007. Collect-on-delivery service (a) The Postmaster General shall provide for the collection on delivery of the postage and price of an article mailed as first, third, or fourth class, or registered, mail. (b) The maximum amount of charges collectible and the maximum amount of indemnity payable on a collect-on-delivery article is $200, except that indemnity in excess of $200, but not in excess of the limit of indemnity for registered mail, may be paid in the case of a registered collect-on-delivery article. § 5008. UndeliverableC.O.D. parcels (a) The Postmaster General ma;^ return to the sender charged with return postage a collect-on-delivery article that the addressee fails to remove from the post office within fifteen days from the